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Find the right original spare parts or batteries and chargers for your devices conveniently online.

The Bosch online spare parts catalogue: 24-hour service for your power tools and garden tools

Here you will not only find replacement batteries and chargers for each of your devices, but also the genuine matching Bosch spare parts. You will be shown the spare parts of your device and you can simply select them. Please note that spare parts must be installed only by qualified personnel.

  • Easy selection of spare parts using explosion drawings
  • Original spare parts in Bosch quality
  • Spare parts normally available for 3 years – after end of production

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Spare parts FAQs

Are spare parts interchangeable between tools?

Generally speaking no. Spare parts are designed specific to each product. To ensure you find  the correct spare parts, always check the product nameplate prior to commencing your search. 

How long are parts typically available for my tool?

Bosch keeps spare parts available for at least 3 years depending on the demand and availability in the respective markets.

What if the product nameplate is unreadable?

Please contact our customer service team for support. They will be able to determine the correct product and part for you.

What is the difference between a spare part and an accessory?

Spare parts are integral components of a power tool. They are part of its standard equipment – without them it is not possible to operate the tool. Examples of spare parts are toothed belts, bolts, brackets and carbon brush sets.

Where can I find the right spare part for my tool?

Please visit our online Spare Parts Shop click > here . Here you can view exploded diagrams and  part listings for our tools. Simply enter the product model or baretool number into the catalogue serach field. Exact model details can be found on the products name plate.

Where can I purchase spare parts?

You can purchase Bosch spare parts through our Bosch authorised dealers.

Why should I use Bosch original spare parts?

Our Bosch original spare parts are thoroughly tested and precisely manufactured to the highest quality standards, to ensure durability and a perfect fit every time. Using non-genuine parts may affect the performance of your product.