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18 V POWER FOR ALL battery system

18 V POWER FOR ALL battery system

Accomplish tough jobs thanks to POWER FOR ALL: one battery for all 18V tools. From gardening to cleaning and advanced DIY, enjoy cordless freedom outdoors, in the workshop, or in the home.

  • Take the task on with 18V Power and a tool selection fit for purpose
  • Ergonomic and resilient tools for tough use
  • Complete a wide variety of challenging projects
  • Compatibility across 18 V range
Perfect for middle-to-heavy DIY projects
Finish various gardening jobs across a range of tools
Ideal for outdoor cleaning tasks
Cordless helpers for house and garden

Cordless helpers for house and garden

Bosch’s everyday house and garden helpers are perfect for light DIY, gardening, and cleaning. Compactly built for easy portability, these household essentials have an integrated battery, so they’re recharged and back in action in no time.

  • Tackle light-to-medium tasks in a flash
  • Handy, compact and ergonomic
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Perfect for a wide variety of everyday DIY, garden & outdoor tasks
IXO – the must-have screw driver for all do-it-yourself jobs
EasyPrune – easy cutting of stems and branches thanks to Power Assist technology
EasyPump – handy compressed air pump for at home on the go
Batteries and chargers

Batteries and chargers

The Bosch lithium-ion batteries are impressive in terms of performance, weight and space requirements. Bosch DIY batteries are always ready for use and can be re-charged at any time.

THE battery for your home.

THE battery for your home.

Now you can buy once and save money in the long-term: The "POWER FOR ALL" cordless system is simple to use with all Bosch tools in the relevant voltage class.

Save Money

Take advantage of Bosch's battery compatibility across a multitude of high-performing tools of the same voltage class. Save money with every additional purchase by selecting the cheaper solo variant without a battery or charger.

The Syneon technology

Full power right to the end.

Saw more metres and drive more screws – all with constant power. The Syneon technology gets the most out of your battery. And there is no loss of energy as the battery charge decreases, rather you have full power right to the end.

Energy bundles contained in every Bosch lithium-ion cordless tool.

The Bosch lithium-ion batteries impress with their power, weight and low space requirement, are always ready to be used and can be fully or partially charged at any time.