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GlassVAC GlassVAC
Keep the house spotless with Bosch's windscreen wiper for the home
  • Bosch Automotive rubber coating provides a smooth glide for fast results
  • Compact design for easier handling, even in confined spaces
  • Complete a wider range of applications with even more optional accessories
  • Ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles, showers, and vacuuming up spillages
  • Cleans up to 35 windows on one charge

From dirty glass to condensation, tackle even more applications with the GlassVAC

Enjoy the impressive Bosch windscreen wiper for the home. This cordless window vacuum utilises existing Bosch expertise from the automotive sector. The patented "power protection plus" rubber coating ensures streak-free results and quicker cleaning time, without any annoying, squeaking sounds. Its compact design makes handling easier, to tackle even those confined spaces. It is designed for cleaning both home and car windows, mirrors, tiles, condensation, showers, and spillages. The GlassVAC has a battery runtime of 30 minutes – plenty of time for cleaning up to 35 windows or a 105 m² area.
A variety of applications with the GlassVAC

Fast and convenient surface cleaning

Leave mirrors sparkling
No more streaks or smears on a sunny day
Small suction head (optional): ideal for tight spaces
Quickly and easily vacuum up annoying spillages
Vacuum up condensation to reduce limescale
Easily clean tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
Clean car windows with ease
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use on windows
Enjoy quiet, streak-free window cleaning anywhere

Functions and Advantages of GlassVAC

A smooth glide for fast results – the patented Bosch Automotive rubber coating uses Bosch's existing expertise in the automotive sector to reduce friction when cleaning, eliminating streaks and obnoxious squeaking.

Streak-free results

A smooth glide for fast results – the patented Bosch Automotive rubber coating uses Bosch's existing expertise in the automotive sector to reduce friction when cleaning, eliminating streaks and obnoxious squeaking.

Compact design for easier handling

The compact design, with a height of just 22 cm, allows the window vacuum to clean confined spaces; it also conveniently fits in small storage areas after use.

Technical details for GlassVAC

Technical specifications
Battery voltage
3.6 V
Battery capacity
2,0 Ah
30 mins
Cleaning performance per battery charge
Approx. 105 = 35 windows m²
Charging time
130 min
Dirty water tank capacity
100 ml
Machine height
222 mm
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
162 x 96 x 222 mm
0,70 kg
Delivery details: GlassVAC
Order number
Large suction head
Small suction head
Spray applicator bottle
Large and small microfibre cloths
Micro USB Charger
Order number

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Questions & Answers about GlassVAC

Remove the suction head from the tool and fill the water tank via the suction head opening to the max line with warm soapy water. Do not fill the water tank via the drain hole. Shake the tool and pour the water out via the drain hole.

Use detergents designed for window vacuums. For best results, use Bosch GlassVAC detergent concentrate. Do not use undiluted acids, acetone or solvents.

Remove the suction head from the tool and rinse under running water. Shake it or leave it to dry slowly.

Yes, the tool can be used on its side as well as upside down. However, only use the tool upside down for brief periods as water may enter the vacuum system.

Charge the GlassVAC with the supplied charger just like one would with a mobile phone. The charge socket is located at the bottom of the handle. The charge level indicator continuously lights up red during the charging procedure. When the battery is fully charged, the charge level indicator continuously lights up green. After charging is complete, do not forget to refit the rubber plug to prevent dirt and water from entering the socket.


The battery supplied is partially charged. To ensure full capacity of the battery, completely charge the battery before using your machine for the first time.

The integrated battery will run for up to 30 minutes. When the battery charge level reduces, the charge level indicator changes to flashing green. When the charge level indicator flashes red, the battery must be charged.

If streaks still appear after cleaning the suction head according to the operating instructions, the blade is damaged or worn and needs to be replaced.

Yes, both microfiber cloths can be put in the washing machine at temperatures of up to 60°C.

Once the vacuumed liquid reaches the max line of 100ml, the tank should be emptied through the red rubber plug.

Smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles and shower screens.