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High-Pressure Hose 6m

High-Pressure Hose 6m
High-Pressure Hose 6m
High-Pressure Hose 6m High-Pressure Hose 6m
Replacement hose for EasyAquatak and UniversalAquatak ranges
  • 6-metre hose length
  • Features push-fit connections for a simple and fast set-up
  • Hose resists twisting for easy handling
  • Compatible with EasyAquatak, UniversalAquatak, AQT 33-10, AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12, AQT 37-13, AQT 40-13, AQT 42-13

Masters all types of applications.

Higher flexibility and freedom of movement
Easy set-up for starting right away

Technical details for High-Pressure Hose 6m

Technical specifications
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
289 x 265 x 62 mm
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Order number
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Questions & Answers about High-Pressure Hose 6m

Ensure it is not bent during us or set up around sharp edges (such as around walls, steps)

There are two difference types of extension hoses we offer, up to 130 bar and up to 160 bar. Please choose the suitable bar rating for your pressure washer.

No, This hose is a replacement high pressure hose that connects between the high pressure washer and trigger.