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Water Filter, Large

Water Filter, Large
Water Filter, Large
Water Filter, Large Water Filter, Large
Large capacity filter for greater protection in poor water areas.
  • Easy to remove and clean for long-term use, protects pump for a longer lifetime
  • Screens out contaminants from the incoming water source
  • Practical transparent plastic makes visual checking easy
  • Directly fits on the tool´s water inlet, universal connection for supply hose
  • Compatible with EasyAquatak, UniversalAquatak, AdvancedAquatak, AQT 33-10, AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12, AQT 37-13, AQT 40-13, AQT 42-13, AQT 45-14 X

Maximises pressure washer lifetime by filtering out contaminants

For frequently used pressure washers, the Large Water Filter is ideal for protecting against damage, ensuring longer machine lifetime. Once attached to the washer’s water inlet, the filter’s large surface area and double filtration system, featuring internal and external filters, catch grit and other particles, reducing its access to the inside of the machine. The Large Walter Filter has a transparent cover so that large sediment can be easily identified and removed, preventing potential blockages.

Masters all types of applications.

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