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Using jigsaws correctly: What is there to consider when working?

A Bosch jigsaw is used to saw a wooden panel.
With the right handles, working with a jigsaw is very easy.


Wood is no problem for a jigsaw. But it is capable of much more! With this versatile tool, you can also saw metal, plastics and other materials. That's why it's usually worth reaching for the jigsaw. And with a little practice, sawing is also pretty easy. We'll show you how to use your jigsaw properly and what you need to consider when working with it.

You need
  • ear protectors
  • safety glasses
  • work gloves
  • g-clamps
  • pencil
  • pocket rule
  • Wooden panel
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Using the jigsaw correctly – instructions for working with the jigsaw

Are you a beginner and want to try your hand at jigsaw work? With a little practice, this type of sawing can be done easily. We'll show you how to use your jigsaw properly and what you need to consider when working with it.

Step 1 4

Safety precautions

A woman uses ear protectors and safety goggles when working with a jigsaw.
Safety is always a priority, especially when using a jigsaw.

You need: ear protectors, safety glasses

When working with the jigsaw, safety is paramount. You must therefore follow the usual safety precautions for DIY work. Always wear ear protectors and safety goggles when working with the jigsaw.

Step 2 4

Preparing the workpiece

A wooden panel is clamped with a G-clamp.
A mark is made on a wooden panel using a metre rule and a pencil.
A cutting line is drawn using a wooden panel.

You need: g-clamps, Wooden panel

Turn your attention to your workpiece – for example, the wooden panel you want to saw. Be sure to use enough G-clamps to properly clamp the workpiece to your worktop or directly to a wooden trestle.

You can then measure and mark the distance from the edge using a metre rule and a pencil. Next, draw a clean, straight cutting line. You can also use another wooden panel as a guide.

Step 3 4

Inserting the saw blade

A saw blade is inserted on a Bosch jigsaw.
The saw blade can be easily inserted in a single motion.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set, work gloves

The next preparatory step is to insert the saw blade on the jigsaw. But be careful! Be sure to remove the battery first and wear protective gloves! Safety is always the priority, especially when working with saws.
Saw blades can be inserted very quickly on Bosch jigsaws thanks to the SDS quick-change system: Pull the red cap up a little and push the saw blade from below into the slot provided. As soon as it clicks, it is engaged and firmly seated. Release the red cap and insert the battery. (If you are working with a cable, make sure that it is behind the saw and cannot move into the cutting path.) The jigsaw is now ready for use.
You will also find detailed instructions on how to change jigsaw blades  and further information on the different saw  blades for specific materials and cuts.

Step 4 4

Sawing the workpiece

A Bosch jigsaw is used to saw a wooden panel.
A jigsaw is always operated with both hands.

You need: Jigsaw

You're now ready to start sawing. To use the jigsaw correctly, stand firmly and maintain your focus. Hold the saw in the designated areas on the softgrip with both hands and switch it on. Important: Move the saw carefully against the workpiece when it is operating. Otherwise, there may be a jerking motion which can be painful for your wrist.
Press the saw gently against the workpiece with your upper hand and guide it along the cutting line with the other hand. Light pressure should only be applied in the sawing direction (not on the side). The saw foot plate should lie flat on the material. Once you have finished sawing, switch off the jigsaw. However, do not remove the saw blade from the cut until it has come to a complete stop.

When sawing, you should also pay attention to the stroke rate, which can be adjusted on most saws. The correct stroke rate depends on the material when working with the jigsaw: For hard metal, the saw is used at full speed, while a lower stroke rate is used for plastic and aluminium. You can perform a test cut to determine the right speed for your material.

Some jigsaws also have a pendulum action setting with several steps. Sawing with a pendulum action results in faster progress, and the saw blade is protected. However, the higher the pendulum action, the greater the material tear-out. The pendulum action should therefore only be used for thicker and harder materials. For example, the pendulum action is not required for ordinary shelves with a thickness of 20-30 mm.

Would you like to know more about using Bosch jigsaws? No problem! In our guides, we explain how best to make a straight cut  or perform round sawing . We also give you important tips on processes such as sawing without fraying , sawing plastic  or metal  or sawing out a worktop .

You'll then be ready to start a DIY project with a jigsaw. For example, a bread-box  bread bin made from just a few sawn boards.