Questions and answers about Service

Is the disposal of old appliances, batteries and accumulators free of charge?

You give them back to the power tools dealer. He collects them and passes them on to the power tools manufacturer who then arranges for them to be recycled properly.

How do I find the right spare part for my power tool?

In the spare parts catalogue you will find all the exploded drawings for our tools from the last 25 years. Here you will easily be able to identify your required spare part. Have the part number of the tool or its trade name at the ready. You will need to enter it to quickly find the right spare part.

How high are the shipping costs for spare parts?

For orders through the online shop, a flat rate per order of £5.04 (incl. VAT) is charged.

How do I proceed if I wish to return a spare part that I have ordered?

If you discover external damage to the parcel when the spare part shipment is delivered, then refuse acceptance or show the damage to the postman/delivery agent. If, whilst unpacking the goods, you discover material defects or you have ordered the wrong spare part, then please inform us as soon as possible (within 15 days at the latest). Please also check our delivery conditions on this point. Before you return the goods, you must request a returns note from us, quoting the delivery note number.

What is the difference between a spare part and an accessory?

Spare parts are integral components of a power tool. They are part of its standard equipment – without them it is not possible to operate the tool. Examples of spare parts are toothed belts, bolts, brackets and carbon brush sets.

What are my guarantee conditions for privately used tools?

The standard guarantee on DIY tools is 24 months from date of purchase.

Customers are also given a three month guarantee on repair work carried out by the Bosch Service Centre or any Authorised Service Agent.

Please refer to our current guarantee conditions for details.

How long does calibration take?

As with the Repair service, we aim to carry out the Calibration service and return the calibrated tool to the user within five working days.

Can the calibration service be used for all brands of Bosch Power Tools?

The Bosch calibration service is open to any brand. Upon agreement, we can calibrate not only our own brand of tools, i.e. “Bosch” and “CST/berger”, but also all other brands.

What does it cost to calibrate my tools?

Please note that calibration costs are based on no additional parts being required to return the product to a state where calibration can take place. For further details, please contact our Service Hotline team or alternatively email us. Tel: 0844 736 0109 Mon - Fri: 8.00 – 17.00 (landline rate 4 pence/min from a BT phone. Mobile and other phone network charges may vary) email: 

How long does a repair take?

You normally receive the repaired tool back after three to five working days at the latest.

Am I entitled to a guarantee service after a repair?

After a charged repair, you are entitled to 3 months additional warranty on the parts and labour.

How much does collection of the tool cost?

Collection of tools during the warranty period is free of charge. For repairs after the warranty period has expired, there are one-off shipping costs of 7.14 £ (incl. VAT).

Is there a flat rate cost for repairs?

No, but this is how we proceed: In the case of a warranty claim, the repair is, of course, free of charge. Once the warranty has expired, the following applies: If the repair costs are less than 50% of the new price, we repair the tool immediately. The repair costs are listed clearly in the invoice. If the repair costs are more than 50% of the new price, you will receive a cost estimate.

Furthermore, you have the option of an “advance release”: You decide beforehand if the tool with a repair price above 50% should be released for recycling or if you would like a cost estimate. In case of an advance release, you are exempt from the shipping costs.

How about repairs outside of the guarantee period?

We offer a fixed cost repair service on the majority of our repairs other than those covered under guarantee.
On booking the repair of your power tool if there is a fixed price cost available for the tool in question payment in advance can be made at this point.
Alternatively if no fixed price cost is available the collection will take place and an estimate
At this point you will have the option via email to
for repair will be made subject to diagnosis.
1) Proceed with the repair
2) Authorise the recycling of the tool
3) Have it returned in an unrepaired state.

How do I pack the tool?

Products for collection must be securely boxed to prevent damage during transportation. Our carrier may also refuse to take items inadequately packaged.

How high are the shipping costs for repairs?

In the case of a warranty claim, there are, of course, no shipping costs.

What happens if I refuse the cost estimate?

You can decide if the tool remains at the service centre and is recycled there, or if you would like to have it back. In this case, there is a handling charge of 17.85 £, plus shipping costs of 7.14 £ (incl. VAT).

Where can I have my tools repaired?

Your faulty tool can be sent directly to our service centre. Another option is to hand it in at your local retailer or DIY store. When sending it to us directly, it is important to ensure that the repair order form is filled in and enclosed with the faulty tool, thus enabling your order to be processed quickly.

How far in advance do I have to place an order for collection?

Providing we receive a collection request before 16:00, we will aim to collect the following day (weekdays only).

Questions and answers about Garden tools

What does LeafCollect mean for a lawnmower blade?

The blade is designed to be bent at the top, allowing it to also collect the leaves from recent mowing in the grass box

What is the greatest cutting height for lawnmowers?

The greatest cutting height for our lawnmowers is 70 mm. 

Can you leave your Rotak out in the rain overnight?

If you have left the Rotak out in the rain, you can still insert the battery as normal and start mowing

Is there a battery-operated leaf vacuum?

No, currently there is only the ALS 25 (wired)

Can you remove the fan wheel from the ALS 25 in order to clean the tool?

No, you cannot do that. 

Is it only the Durablades that fit the ART 26-18 LI grass trimmer, or can it also be used with lines, as an alternative?

This trimmer cannot be converted.

For which garden materials is the shredder suitable?
  • Green and soft garden materials
  • Shrubs and wooden materials
  • All kinds of garden materials, thanks to the new "Turbine-Cut" system
Why will the AXT not switch on?

In many cases, the collection box has not been correctly inserted. This is a safety function


Do lawnmowers have carbon brushes?

Lawnmowers have carbon brushes that are permanently built into the motor. Therefore, they are not available as spare parts. An entire motor block would have to be ordered if a carbon brush were to be required

Is there a chainsaw with an 18 V battery?

No, the chainsaw is operated by a 36 V battery

Are our AQT motors water-cooled?

No, they are electric motors and are air-cooled.

Can the blades of the hedgecutters be ground?

Bosch recommends that you do not regrind the blades, as this alters the cutting behaviour.
Customers remain free to send the blades to a service that offers or performs regrinding.

Does the verticutter also exist as a battery-powered tool?

No, it does not.

If I place the saw blade of my AMW 10 SG on a branch and apply pressure, the saw stops. Why is that?

Please check that the saw blade is correctly installed.

Where can the type plate be found on an ARM?

Above the right-hand rear wheel