Noise information

Noise emission values determined according to EN 62841-3-13.

Typically, the A-weighted sound pressure level of the power tool is 73 dB(A). Uncertainty K = 3 dB. The noise level when working can exceed the volume stated. Wear hearing protection!

The noise emission value given in these instructions has been measured in accordance with a standardised measuring procedure and may be used to compare power tools. It may also be used for a preliminary estimation of noise emissions.

The noise emission value given represents the main applications of the power tool. However, if the power tool is used for other applications, with different application tools or is poorly maintained, the noise emission value may differ. This may significantly increase noise emissions over the total working period.

To estimate noise emissions accurately, the times when the tool is switched off, or when it is running but not actually being used, should also be taken into account. This may significantly reduce noise emissions over the total working period.