Accuracy Check

Regularly check the accuracy of the grade measurement and distance measurement.

Accuracy Check and Calibration of the Grade Measurement

The tilt sensor is used in the "grade measurement", "digital spirit level" and "indirect distance measurement" modes. When using these modes, we recommend regular calibration.

  1. Press the  button to call up the menu and the  button to call up the Basic settings menu.
  2. Press the tilt calibration  to start calibration.
  3. Follow the instructions on the touchscreen.
After strong temperature changes and after knocks, we recommend an accuracy check and, if necessary, calibration of the measuring tool. After a temperature variation, the measuring tool must adjust to the ambient temperature for a while before calibration is performed.
After strong temperature fluctuations, the measuring tool automatically suggests calibration.

Accuracy check of the distance measurement

For the accuracy check, the measurement should be taken under favourable conditions, i.e. the measuring section should be indoors and the target surface for the measurement should be smooth and reflect well (e.g. a white-painted wall).

  1. Select a measuring section of approx. 3 to 10 m long, the length of which you know exactly (e.g. room width, doorway).
  2. Measure the section 10 times in succession.
  1. The deviation of individual measurements from the average may be maximum ±4 mm throughout the entire measuring section under favourable conditions. Log the measurements, so that you can compare their accuracy at a later point of time.