"Error" in the Display

"Error" indicator in the display

Cause: Angle between laser beam and target is too sharp

Corrective measure: Increase the angle between the laser beam and target


Cause: Target surface is reflecting too strongly (e.g. mirror) or too weakly (e.g. black material), or ambient light is too strong

Corrective measure: Use a laser target plate (accessory)


Cause: Laser beam output (8) or reception lens (9) is fogged up (e.g. due to rapid temperature change)

Corrective measure: Rub the laser beam output (8) or the reception lens (9) dry with a soft cloth


Cause: Calculated value is larger than 999.999 or smaller than –999.999 m/m²/m³

Corrective measure: Split the calculation into intermediate steps


Cause: The measuring tool was moved or tilted during calibration when pressing the button

Corrective measure: Repeat the calibration and hold the measuring tool still on the surface while pressing the button


Cause: The surfaces used for calibration were not exactly aligned on a horizontal level

Corrective measure: Repeat the calibration on a horizontal surface and check the surface beforehand, if necessary, using a spirit level


Cause: The calibration of the grade measurement was not carried out in the correct order or in the correct positions

Corrective measure: Repeat the calibration according to the instructions on the display and in the operating manual