Automatic levelling

Position the measuring tool on a level, firm surface or attach it to the holder (16) or the tripod (6). To work with automatic levelling, the underside of the measuring tool needs to be horizontal and aligned with the tripod mount (8) facing down. After switching on, the automatic levelling function automatically compensates irregularities within the self-levelling range of ±4°. The levelling is finished as soon as the laser lines stop flashing.

If automatic levelling is not possible, e.g. because the underside of the measuring tool deviates by more than 4° from the horizontal plane or the measuring tool is held freely in the hand, the laser lines will continuously flash slowly and the measuring tool will work without automatic levelling. The laser lines remain switched on, but the two intersecting lines will no longer necessarily be perpendicular to each other. To make sure that the two laser lines are still perpendicular to one another, position the measuring tool at an angle of 90° to the wall.

In case of ground vibrations or position changes during operation, the measuring tool is automatically levelled again. Upon re-levelling, check the position of the horizontal or vertical laser line with regard to the reference points to avoid errors by moving the measuring tool.