To start the power tool, first press the lock-off switch (3), then press and hold the on/off switch (4).

To switch off the power tool, release the on/off switch (4).

Note: For safety reasons, the on/off switch (4) cannot be locked; it must remain pressed during the entire operation.

An integrated run-out brake shortens the time the saw blade keeps running for after the power tool has been switched off.

The red LED indicator (17) helps you to protect the battery against overheating and the motor against overload.

If the LED indicator (17) is lit up permanently in red, the temperature of the battery is too high and the power tool switches off automatically.

  • Switch the power tool off.
  • Allow the battery to cool down before you carry on working.

If the LED indicator (17) is flashing red, then the power tool is blocked and will switch off automatically.

Pull the power tool out of the workpiece.

The power tool will continue to work as soon as the blockage is rectified.

The lithium-ion battery is protected against deep discharge by the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). When the battery is discharged, the power tool is switched off by means of a protective circuit: The application tool no longer rotates.

The lamp (27) lights up when the on/off switch (4) is lightly or fully pressed, meaning that the work area is illuminated in poor lighting conditions.