Product features

The numbering of the product features refers to the diagram of the power tool on the graphics page.


Battery release button




Lock-off button for on/off switch


On/off switch


Hex key


Spindle lock button


Base plate


Fastening screw for parallel guide


Scale for mitre/bevel angles


Wing bolt for mitre/bevel angle preselection


Cut mark 45°


Cut mark 0°


Protective guard


Auxiliary handle (insulated gripping surface)


Handle (insulated gripping surface)


Battery charge indicator


Temperature monitoring/overload protection indicator


Wing bolt for preselecting the cutting depth


Cutting depth scale


Retracting blade guard


Saw spindle


Adjusting lever for retracting blade guard


Mounting flange


Circular saw blade


Clamping flange


Clamping bolt




Reference mark for mitre/bevel angle setting


Fastening screw for dust extraction adapter


Dust extraction adapter


Dust extraction hoseA)


Reference mark for cutting depth setting


Parallel guide


Accessories shown or described are not included with the product as standard. You can find the complete selection of accessories in our accessories range.