Assembly of the Fan

The fan can be secured to rods using the two rod holders (10) (max. Ø 22 mm).

Position the rod holders (10) above the rods and push the fan onto the rods.

Notes on using the tripod

Only use the fan in an upright position when it is mounted on the tripod.

Adjust the tripod legs so that the tripod is stable and the middle leg is plumb.

Use a tripod with a carrying capacity that is greater than 3 kg.

Mount the fan on the tripod

Use the fastening screws of the tripod (1/4") to position the fan tripod mount (9) and set the fan down on the fastening screw.

Note: Make sure that the tripod mount of the fan (9) is fully seated on the fastening screw.

Rotate the fan clockwise as far as it will go in order to attach the fan to the tripod.

Install the fan using screw clamps by fastening the screw clamps to the clamping surfaces (11).