Bosch - Syneon Chip. Longer battery life.

Longer battery life.

Now from Bosch: The Syneon Chip intelligently controls energy according to demand. For perfect performance and endurance throughout the entire project.

More performance. Longer lifetime.

The Syneon Chip is an intelligent electronic control system for Bosch cordless tools. It controls the performance ratio of current and voltage which is output to the motor according to what the application demands. The benefits for you: Thanks to its Syneon Chip, the Bosch cordless tool always provides optimum power even in demanding jobs such as working with thick screws or dense wood. At the same time, it automatically ensures compliance with the current and voltage limits. The Syneon Chip therefore prevents overheating – and increases the lifetime of your Bosch tool.

Function and benefits of the Syneon Chip

Bosch - Maximum endurance.

Drive screws for longer, drill for longer…

The longer the battery lasts, the longer you can work. Bosch cordless tools with Syneon Chip ensure that you get the maximum out of your Bosch cordless tool. Thanks to the intelligent control of the power output by the Syneon Chip, you always automatically work in the most efficient performance range. You therefore save valuable energy – and make rapid progress in your project.

Bosch - Syneon chip for maximum performance and endurance.

If it says “Syneon Chip” on it, there's a Syneon Chip in it.

Good for you: All Bosch tools for DIY enthusiasts and Bosch garden tools with a changeable battery in the 10.8/12-volt, 14.4-volt and 18-volt classes are equipped with the Syneon Chip. So no matter which project you plan to do, you always benefit from maximum power and endurance.

Three-year guarantee

We offer a three-year guarantee.

Extend the guarantee for your power tool or a garden tool from the Home & Garden product range now. Simply log in to MyBosch and register your tool.
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