Cordless Outdoor Cleaners


Freedom to clean, anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile cleaning at home or on the go, free of mains water and electrical supplies
  • Multipurpose use: Four spray patterns, adjustable water pressure, and SmartBrush
  • Extendable handle and sturdy wheels for fast set-up and easy manoeuvrability
  • Ideal for washing bikes, garden furniture, plant pots, dogs, and boots
  • Accessory storage and in-operation gun holder for ultimate convenience

From bikes and garden furniture to dogs and boots – versatile cleaning at home or on the go

Quick set-up and easy manoeuvrability – the cordless Fontus makes fast results easy. Unlike traditional high-pressure washers, this portable cleaner is perfect for use at home or on the go due to its 15 L water tank and an 18 V battery. Enjoy adjustable pressure modes and four spray patterns – a pencil jet for stubborn dirt, a 15° fan jet for precision on smaller surfaces, a 50° fan jet to rinse larger areas, and a shower jet for gentle cleaning. Its attachable SmartBrush is ideal for rinsing windows and bike wheels. An accessory storage and in-use gun holder make cleaning even more convenient.

Clean effortlessly around the home and on the move

Rinsing off garden furniture just got easier
Faster removal of mud after a bike ride
Innovative SmartBrush ideal for windows
Rinse off after a day at the beach
Clean waste bins effectively
Gentle pressure for muddy paws
Ideal for suburban living environments
No more dirty shoes in the car
Keep garden areas cleaner

Technical details for Fontus

Technical specifications
Max. pressure
15 bar
Pressure settings
low, medium and turbo
Flow range, from
1.5 l/min
Flow range, to
3.1 l/min
Flow range
1.5 - 3.1 l/min
Battery voltage
18 V
Battery capacity
2.5 Ah
Battery run time
up to 60 mins
Battery charging time
105 min
Tank size
15 l
Weight (without accessories)
9,8 kg
645 mm
395 mm
320 mm
Product dimensions (HxWxD)
645 x 395 x 320 mm
Handle type
Hose length
4 m
Hose type
High-pressure hose reel
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Noise/vibration information
Vibration emission value ah
Uncertainty K
0,0 m/s²
1,5 m/s²
Measured values for noise determined according to 2000/14/EC. The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level 61 dB(A); Sound power level 74 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB. Measured values determined in accordance with EN 60745 Vibration total values (vector sum of three directions).
Delivery details: Fontus
Order number:
Spray gun
4 m hose
Water filter
1 battery pack PBA 18V 2.5Ah W-B
Charger AL 1815 CV
Order number:
EAN Code

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Questions & Answers about Fontus

MyBosch offers an extended warranty period of 3 instead of 2 years on your newly purchased Bosch DIY power tools, garden tools or measuring tools. 

The Fontus is a low pressure cleaner specifically designed to tackle small to medium sized cleaning tasks around the home and on the go. It has an integrated water tank and an 18V lithium-ion battery, making it completely independent of mains water and electricity.

An Aquatak High-Pressure Washer is needed for larger cleaning tasks where high-pressure and high water flow is required, such as cleaning patios, decking, drive ways, cars. A high-pressure washer will require mains electricity and mains water.

The 18V Bosch lithium-ion battery has to be removed from the machine and placed on the charger. The flashing of the battery charge indicator signals the charging procedure. Continuous lighting of the battery charge indicator indicates that the battery is fully charged.

The battery run time of the Fontus depends on the pressure mode and spray pattern used.

The maximum run time of up to 60 minutes is achieved when the Fontus is in the low pressure mode and the shower spray pattern is in use. 

The minimum run time of 15 minutes is achieved when the Fontus is in the turbo pressure mode and the pencil spray pattern is in use. 

The rate the water is used depends on the pressure mode and spray pattern selected. The higher the flow rate, the quicker water is used up. Maximum time is 9 minutes. Minimum time is 5 minutes.

The machine is designed to switch off the pump as soon as the spray gun trigger is released. The pump also shuts off after 20 seconds when it detects that water has run out.
If the machine has not been used for 5 minutes, it turns itself off to preserve battery life.

Yes, however, if hot water is used it should not exceed a temperature of 50°C.

Yes, use water from a water source such as water butts or lakes to fill up Fontus. There is a filter in the water tank, which ensures that debris and dirt will not enter the pump. However, salt water should not be used to fill the tank. Do not immerse Fontus into the water source, as this will damage the product. A filling device such as an outdoor tap or a jug must be used when filling up the tank.

Adding detergent to the water tank is not recommended.

When in use, the product must be in an upright position. However, when in transport (i.e. a car), the product can be laid on its back.

Switch the tool off and press the trigger to drain the remaining water from the hose. Then disconnect the hose from the spray gun and water outlet. The spray gun, brush and hose can be stored within the machine. The battery should then be removed ready for storage.


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User manual download

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