Saw Station

PLS 300

PLS 300
PLS 300
Easy, adjustable guidance for greater accuracy with jigsaws
  • Perfect control thanks to integrated cutting guide channel
  • Secure hold of jigsaw and workpiece avoids errors from slipping or tilting of tool
  • Guide channel is adjustable for easy, accurate horizontal and vertical angle cuts up to 45°
  • For use with jigsaws when cutting wood, plastic, and aluminium rails, laminate flooring, and skirting boards
  • Includes guides for long workpieces and integrated supports for wide workpieces

Consistent precision in a flash – accurate results for a variety of jigsaw projects

Enjoy fast and accurate results with the PLS 300 saw stand. Simply fit the jigsaw's base plate in the stand's integrated guide channel to lead the tool along smoothly for precise cuts. Workpieces can be held in place securely to help avoid tool slippage or tilting. With an easy-to-read scale, the PLS 300 allows for exact angle cuts of up to 45°. This stand is ideal for cutting wooden panels, square timbers, parquet or laminate flooring, plastic, or for installing skirting boards or aluminium rails. The saw stand also includes extendable guides and two supports for extra stability when cutting long or wide workpieces

For accurate jigsaw cuts

Ideal guidance when laying laminate
Exact alignment for angle cuts
Accurate sawing even on long workpieces

Technical details for PLS 300

Technical specifications
Cutting capacity at 0°/0°
25 x 315 mm
Cutting capacity at 45°/0°
25 x 220 mm
Machine weight
3,4 kg
Delivery details: PLS 300
Order number:
9 saw blades T 144 DP
Order number:
EAN Code

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