Calibration service

For highest precision of your measuring tools

We take over the calibration of your measuring tools for you, so that you can work reliably and all devices meet the required standards. The Bosch Calibration Service is fast, precise and reliable.
When should I have calibration carried out? External influences such as falls, shocks, dirt or temperature fluctuations can impair the functionality of the measuring tools. In the event of a measurement error, the user is liable. After falls and any inaccuracies that occur, you should have your measuring tool checked immediately, otherwise this should be done once a year if the device is used properly.

Bosch Bluetooth® ZAMO for distance measurement

The procedure is the same as for a repair:

Send your tool to our service center directly, or through our dealers

Bosch Laser measure – efficient and fast data transfer thanks to Bluetooth®

The Bosch Calibration Service includes the following services:

Cleaning of the device
Checking the measuring accuracy in the test laboratory
If necessary: Adjustment of the device
Documentation of all measured values incl. calibration certificate
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Calibration FAQs

How long does calibration take?

As with the Repair service, we aim to carry out the Calibration service and return the calibrated tool to the user within five working days.

Can the calibration service be used for all brands of Bosch Power Tools?

The Bosch calibration service is open to any brand. Upon agreement, we can calibrate not only our own brand of tools, i.e. “Bosch” and “CST/berger”, but also all other brands.