Levelling Devices

Cross Line Lasers

Cross Line Lasers

Precision and speed for all kinds of aligning applications hands-free – Bosch´s self-levelling cross line lasers with the latest laser technology impress with easy handling and project clearly visible cross lines for accuracy in a flash.

  • Projects vertical and horizontal laser lines with precision
  • Fit and align pictures, mirrors, shelves, and other objects
  • Effortless results in wallpapering and painting jobs
  • Easy installation of lights and ceiling spots
  • Ideal for tiling and drywalling
Align pictures with ease
Align objects such as curtain rods with ease
Alignment in picture-perfect patterns
Line Lasers

Line Lasers

Say goodbye to spirit levels! Simple freehand work and precise laser lines make the Bosch line laser the perfect aid for quickly and easily aligning objects, hanging pictures or assembling book shelves.

  • Simple alignment with horizontal, vertical or diagonal laser lines
  • Fast and flexible attachment at the required height
  • Easy and intuitive handling for precise results in next to no time
  • Align objects on a wall without requiring help from someone else
All in one: Line laser plus integrated tape measure
No helping hand required
Spirit level and line laser combined in a single tool
Spirit Levels

Spirit Levels

Manual levelling made easy - Bosch spirit levels are highly versatile and designed for a wide range of applications. From picture hanging to floor laying, they level quickly, easily, and with a high degree of precision.

  • Simple and accurate alignment
  • Versatile application for big and small DIY projects indoors and outdoors
Accurate alignment: The spirit level helps align objects quickly, easily, and precisely
Horizontal and vertical alignment: Objects are evenly lined up vertically or horizontally for multiple applications