Choosing the cleaning adapter

Recommended Applications (Cleaning Examples)

Brush (3)
(heavy-duty cleaning work)

Detailed brush (4)
(cleaning work in hard-to-reach areas)

Pad holder (5) with microfibre pad (6) (blue)
(cleaning without leaving scratches)

Pad holder (5) with kitchen pad (7) (green)
(adherent impurities)

Pad holder (5) with heavy-duty pad (8) (brown)
(burnt-in impurities)

Pad holder (5) with eraser melamin pad (9) (white)
(cleaning hard surfaces)

Recommended Applications (Surface Material)

Surface material

Cleaning adapter

Brush (3)

Detailed brush (4)

Microfibre pad (6)

Kitchen pad (7)

Heavy-duty pad (8)

Eraser melamin pad (9)

Hard surfaces

Coated surfaces


Cast iron

Ceramic, porcelain

Aluminium, metal

Plastic, laminate


(Only tempered glass)

Paint, rust

● = ideally suited; ○ = conditionally suited; – = not suited