After making use of the Bosch repair service, your devices will be returned to you in top condition.

Bosch repair service

Is your Bosch device defective? We want to change that as soon as possible. Thanks to our repair service, you will receive your device in immaculate condition.

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The Bosch repair service

Our Bosch Power Tools are durable, reliable and meet high quality standards. Even so, sometimes a tool needs maintenance or repair. Our Bosch Service centres and Authorised Bosch Service Dealers undertake all tool repairs, including guarantee claims. You can either find the nearest Bosch Service centre, or return your tool to the place of purchase.

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These are the steps for Bosch repairs:

 Step 1: Return your tool to the place of purchase.
 Step 2: The tool will be shipped to one of our authorised service location for repair. You can always go directly to any of our helpful authorized service locations for support.
 Step 3: Once repaired your tool will be shipped back to the place of purchase.
 Step 4: Your tool is now ready for collection! If you have any questions, please call customer service for support.
For the safety and well-being of our staff, we kindly request all customers to thoroughly clean their products before sending them to our service centre for assessment or repair. Handling products that have come into contact with hazardous materials poses significant occupational health and safety risks, and your cooperation in ensuring a clean and safe working environment is highly appreciated. Thank you for your understanding and support in maintaining a secure workplace for our team. In the event that products sent to our service centre are found to contain hazardous materials or have not been adequately cleaned, we must prioritise the safety of our staff. In such cases, the products will be promptly returned to the customer to avoid any potential risks associated with handling hazardous materials. We encourage all customers to adhere to the safety guidelines and ensure their items are clean before sending them for assessment or repair. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe working environment for everyone involved
Bosch devices in top condition

Bosch Warranty Repair

 When making a claim under warranty, the receipt or original proof of purchase bearing the date and store of purchase must be submitted. For extended warranty, a copy of the warranty confirmation certificate must be provided additionally.
 Please always present the complete product (including all batteries and charger for cordless tools) to your power tool or service dealer.
 The Bosch warranty covers manufacturing and material faults only and does not apply to misused, damaged or tampered with tools.

Fast and reliable Bosch repair service

Minimal downtimes with the Bosch repair service: you get your tool back in perfect condition.

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