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Our guide to hanging up a picture

A picture of three pictures hanging on a white painted wall
Here's our simple guide to hanging up a picture

Whether precious masterpieces or family memories, hanging pictures on your wall can create a beautiful feature in your home, but can be trickier than it first appears. Our step-by-step guide however will make the process easy and stress free.

Step 1

A picture of somone using a Quigo to hang up a picture
Use a cross line laser to help you align your pictures

Start by holding the picture against the wall to see where you want the picture to hang. Next set up a cross line laser, we recommend the Quigo.

Step 2

A picture of someone marking an equal distance on a laser line to determine where to hang up a picture
Use a pencil to mark where you want to hang up the picture

Mark on the wall the top corners of the frame using a pencil and then in between these markings, draw a dot to mark where the nail should sit. Make sure it's am equal distance from each side; the laser lines will help with this.

Step 3

A picture of someone using a green detection device to determine if the wall is safe to drill
Use a detection device to determine if it's safe to drill

Before drilling the nail into the wall, make sure to check it’s safe to do so by using a detection device. For help on how to drill into a wall safely , read our article here. Once you’ve found a suitable place to drill, make a pilot hole and then drill the nail in the wall. Once the nail is in the wall you can hang up your picture.

For ideas on how to display your pictures, check out our inspirational article here.