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Upcycle your chair: use fabric to give your seat a whole new look – in just three steps!

A chair covered in black and white fabric is in front of a desk, which has a black lamp and various office supplies on it.
With the right fabrics, you can give your home office a whole new look

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 60 €
  • Duration
    1-3 h

Do you have any old (hard-seat) chairs lying around? Why not spruce it up with a little fabric – and give your home office a low-budget makeover? You can upcycle your chair in just three steps. Here we show you how.

You need
  • scissors
  • carpet/utility knife
  • two brushes in different thicknesses, e.g. 30 mm and 50 mm
  • An old hard-seat chair
  • Two pieces of different coloured fabrics, non-elastic – big enough for the chair
  • Mod Podge or découpage glue
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 3

Remove the chair legs and measure the seat

Close-up of a woman using the Zamo laser measure and wheel attachment to measure a seat
First thing’s first: you need to measure your chair

You need: Digital Laser Measure Zamo (Set), Zamo - Wheel Adapter, Cordless drill/driver, Chair

To determine how much fabric you’ll need for your upcycling project, you first need to measure your chair. The Zamo laser measure with wheel attachment is ideal for this – you can easily trace the curves and edges of your seat. First, remove the chair legs using a cordless or regular screwdriver. Then move the Zamo laser measure plus wheel adapter along the edges of the chair to work out how much fabric you need. Take care not to change the angle of the Zamo and to always apply even pressure. This will provide the most accurate result. Measure the chair on the top and bottom. Buy the fabric in the appropriate size – add a 5-10 cm border at the sides.

Step 2 3

Cut the fabric and glue it to the seat

Chair upcycling: a woman covering the seat of a chair with fabric
Coat the seat with plenty of glue and then press down the fabric, piece by piece
Chair upcycling: a woman adding another coat of glue to the top of a chair that she’s already covered in fabric
Découpage glue, such as Mod Podge, also acts as a sealant. Which is just what you need when upcycling chairs!

You need: scissors, paint brush, Fabric, Mod Podge

Now you need your fabric: ideally you want a material that is supple but not too thin, like poplin. For chair upcycling projects, it’s best to choose two different dark-coloured fabrics – this will give the chair more depth. And it’s more practical too: if the seat is a little darker, you won’t have to worry so much about denim stains, coffee spillages and other mishaps. Cut the fabric to the desired size, if needed. Coat the surface of the chair with glue. Be fairly generous – in general, découpage glue such as Mod Podge doesn't leave behind any clumps. Press the fabric on to the seat, piece by piece, smoothing it down as you go. As you’ll see, the glue will begin to take effect in minutes! Once you’ve covered both the top and bottom of the chair with fabric, apply another coat of glue as a varnish. This will act as a sealant and make the fabric more resistant and durable. Leave everything to dry, ideally over night.

If you enjoy your arts and crafts, you’re probably familiar with Mod Podge. It’s a type of napkin glue or découpage glue. You can use it to glue fabrics, paper, veneer and even gold leaf to wood or other smooth surfaces. What’s more, the glue also serves as a sealant – similar to a coat of varnish.
Step 3 3

Finish the edges of the chair

Close-up of a woman using a craft knife to carefully trim the edges of a chair that has been covered in fabric
Once the glue is dry, trim the fabric around the edges

You need: carpet/utility knife

The last step in your chair upcycling project! Once everything is dry, neatly trim the fabric around the edges of the chair using a craft knife. Be careful – it’s sharp! If you want the edges to be even smoother, sand them down with a hand sanding block and a fine sanding sheet. That’s it! The new addition to your home office, dining room table or living room is complete.