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The sleek and chic magazine holder that is perfect for your favourite magazines

Two magazine holders filled with magazines are hanging on a narrow wall next to a window
Your magazines will be tidy and look great.
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    <50 €
  • Duration
    1-3 h

Are you looking for somewhere more dignified to store your favourite magazines than the bookcase or the bathroom? We’ll show you a sophisticated magazine holder for your wall in a brass design that you’ll want to give pride of place. The diagonally mounted frames seem to defy the laws of gravity. Your magazines find a new home and you have a new decorative eye-catcher for your walls.

You need

Sand the wooden slats

Close-up of a woman using the YOUseries Sander to tidy up the corners of wooden slats that have been cut.

Start by tidying up the corners and edges of the cut slats.

You need:
YOUseries Sander
YOUseries Sanding Paper
wooden slats

You’ll need square wooden slats from your local DIY store to build your magazine holder. We recommend asking staff at the store to cut these to the specified lengths for you. Tidy up the cut edges with a sander. Also sand each side of the slats depending on their quality and condition.


Marking the slats

Close-up of a woman marking the two sides of the frame with numbers

Use numbers to help you see which parts needs to be connected with one another.

You need:

Before you start putting the four slats together, we recommend marking the connection points on the outside of the slats. A handy method for this is to mark the two pieces that go together with the same number. This means you’ll avoid accidentally arranging the pieces in the wrong order.

Then, mark positions on the edge of the two longer slats – each at a distance of 150 mm from the sides – to indicate where you’ll insert the screws later.

Finally, mark two drill holes in one of the two longer slats so you can mount it to the wall. The markings should be at the same height and be 80 mm away from the left and right ends respectively. Make sure to mark the positions on the correct side of the slat – either on the surface that will eventually be touching the wall or on the opposite one.


Pre-drill the holes

Close-up of a woman pre-drilling a hole in a slat.

Drill holes in both connecting pieces so that the screws can be inserted neatly.

Now it’s time to pre-drill the holes for the screws. Hold the short counterpart piece under the long piece and drill deep enough to also drill a millimetre or so into the counterpart piece. Then, put the long piece aside and keeping drilling into the counterpart piece until you have created enough space for the screw. Also pre-drill the holes you’ll need to mount the magazine holder to the wall using the markings you made earlier.


Create space for the screw heads with a countersink

Close-up of a woman widening the holes on a slat with a countersink attachment.

Use a countersink to widen all of the pre-drilled holes.

You need:
YOUseries Drill
Countersink bit
YOUseries Bit and Drill Set
four screws (4 x 60 mm)

You should adjust the drilled holes with a so-called countersink so that the heads of the screws don’t stick out at the end. Do this by switching the wood drill bit for a countersink and using it to slightly widen the holes at the neck. Watch out: Make sure that you countersink the holes you’ll need to mount the magazine holder on the inside.

Finally, screw all four sides of the magazine holder together.


Paint the holder black

Close-up of a woman painting the holder black with a paint roller.

If you like, you can now paint your magazine holder.

You need: paint roller, wood paint

You can lend your magazine holder a personal touch in just a few minutes. Do this by first painting whichever sides you think will look best. Every time you finish painting a side, leave it long enough to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions before you move on to the next one.


Attach the brass plate

Close-up of a woman gluing a strip of brass plate to the outside of the frame.

Cut the brass plate into strips and glue them to the outside of the magazine holder.

You need: box knife or scissors, ruler, brass plate (1 mm thick)

And now for the finishing touch: cut the brass plate into two strips each measuring 30 mm wide and 150 mm long. Glue these to the outside of the short sides of the frame using permanent spray adhesive. Your design is done.


Mount the magazine holder to the wall

Close-up of a woman drilling two holes in the wall and catching the dust with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Drill two holes in the wall – a handheld vacuum cleaner will prevent any mess from escaping.

You need:
YOUseries Drill
YOUseries Bit and Drill Set
YOUseries Vac
two wall plugs, two screws (4 x 60 mm), matching bit (Phillips head or slotted, depending on the type of screw)

It’s now time to mount your magazine holder: drill two holes in the wall that are 140 mm apart and slightly offset from one another. You can use the YOUseries Vac to catch the drilling dust before it has the chance to spread around your home. Finally, insert the wall plugs into the holes and screw the magazine holder to the wall.

Enjoy your new designer piece!