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NanoBlade saws

NanoBlade saws

NanoBlade saws offer effortless, vibration-free cutting, and maintenance-free saw blades – no oiling, sharpening, or tensioning required. Simple one-handed saw blade changes are possible thanks to the saws' SDS system.

  • Vibration-free cutting
  • Maintenance-free working
  • Ideal for straight right-angle cuts
  • For cutting in wood and in plastics up to 65 mm


Ideal for sawing precise straight and curved cuts, the Bosch jigsaws are suited for exact results in a diverse range of materials.

  • Ideal for accurate cuts in a range of materials
  • Sawing control on straight and curved cuts
  • SDS enables quick and easy keyless saw blade changes for efficient work
Reciprocating saws

Reciprocating saws

From the workshop to the garden, Bosch Reciprocating Saws have got it covered with straight and rough cuts in a wide variety of materials.

  • Ideal for straight, fast and rough cuts
  • Cuts wood, metal, plastic, rubber, plaster board
  • Adjust speed with Bosch Electronic for better results
  • SDS for quick and easy keyless saw blade changes
Hand-held circular saws

Hand-held circular saws

Bosch circular saws are the perfect choice for long, controlled straight cuts in flat wood and wood-based material. With a parallel guide, adjustable angles and depths, and mitre or bevel options, these saws deliver precise cuts on a wide variety of projects.

  • Ideal for precise, straight cuts in wood
  • Long cuts in boards and flat materials like MDF
  • Wide range of cutting depths
  • For mitre and bevel cuts