After making use of the Bosch repair service, your devices will be returned to you in top condition.

Bosch repair service

Is your Bosch device defective? We want to change that as soon as possible. Thanks to our repair service, you will receive your device in immaculate condition.

The Bosch repair service

Our Bosch Power Tools are durable, reliable and meet high quality standards. Even so, sometimes a tool needs maintenance or repair. Our Bosch Service centres and Authorised Bosch Service Dealers undertake all tool repairs, including warranty claims. Bosch offers you two alternative ways of using its Repair Service: option A. either send your faulty tool directly to the nearest Bosch Service centre, or option B. return your tool to the place of purchase.

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These are the steps for Bosch repairs in case you are contacting the dealer:

Step 1: Return your tool to the place of purchase.
Step 2: The tool will be shipped to one of our authorised service location for repair. You can always go directly to any of our helpful authorized service locations for support.
Step 3: Once repaired your tool will be shipped back to the place of purchase.
Step 4: Your tool is now ready for collection! If you have any questions, please call customer service for support.
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These are the advantages of Bosch repair:

Fast processing in 3–5 days including collection, repair and delivery
Repairs completed by qualified experts
Security check after each repair
Use of original spare parts

Fast and reliable Bosch repair service

Minimal downtimes with the Bosch repair service: you get your tool back in perfect condition.

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Warranty conditions

You can find the warranty terms here:

Repair service FAQs

Am I entitled to a guarantee service after a repair?

After a charged repair, you are entitled to 3 months additional warranty on the parts and labour.

How about repairs outside of the guarantee period?

We offer a fixed cost repair service on the majority of our repairs other than those covered under guarantee.
On booking the repair of your power tool if there is a fixed price cost available for the tool in question payment in advance can be made at this point.
Alternatively if no fixed price cost is available the collection will take place and an estimate
At this point you will have the option via email to
for repair will be made subject to diagnosis.
1) Proceed with the repair
2) Authorise the recycling of the tool
3) Have it returned in an unrepaired state.

How can I arrange a warranty repair?

Please return your complete tool (with batteries and chargers if applicable) along with your reciept to either the place of purchase or Bosch Service Centre to arrange a repair.

How can I get my tool repaired if the warranty period has ended?

Tools no longer covered under warranty can still be repaired at any of our authorised service locations. A cost estimate will be presented before any repairs take place, where you will have the option to either accept or reject the repair. 

How do I pack the tool for repair?

Products for collection must be securely boxed to prevent damage during transportation. The carrier may also refuse to take items inadequately packaged.

How far in advance do I have to place an order for collection?

Providing we receive a collection request before 16:00, we will aim to collect the following day (weekdays only).

How high are the shipping costs for repairs?

In the case of a warranty claim, there are, of course, no shipping costs.

How long will the repair typically take?

We aim to have your tool repaired within 5 working days (excluding shipping times).

How much does collection of the tool cost?

Collection of tools during the warranty period is free of charge. For repairs after the warranty period has expired, there are one-off shipping costs of 7.14 £ (incl. VAT).

Is there a flat rate cost for repairs?

No, but this is how we proceed: In the case of a warranty claim, the repair is, of course, free of charge. Once the warranty has expired, the following applies: If the repair costs are less than 50% of the new price, we repair the tool immediately. The repair costs are listed clearly in the invoice. If the repair costs are more than 50% of the new price, you will receive a cost estimate.

Furthermore, you have the option of an “advance release”: You decide beforehand if the tool with a repair price above 50% should be released for recycling or if you would like a cost estimate. In case of an advance release, you are exempt from the shipping costs.

What happens if I reject the repair estimate?

For what ever reason  if you do not accept the repair estimate you can select to either have the tool recycled or have the tool returned to you. Please note that a diagnostic and return fee may apply.

Where can I have my tools repaired?

Our Bosch Service centre undertakes all tool repairs, including warranty claims. Bosch offers you two alternative ways of using its Repair Service: option A. either send your faulty tool directly to our Bosch Service Centre, or option B. return your tool to the place of purchase.