Wood Moisture Meter


UniversalHumid UniversalHumid UniversalHumid
Ideal helper for wood moisture checks
  • Check wood moisture content before burning firewood, installing parquet flooring, or for mould prevention
  • Pin moisture meter with broad measurement range for each wood group
  • Pre-selection of wood type (two groups and measurement ranges are selectable)
  • Traffic light LED interprets measured values – convenient information at a glance
  • Self-test to check calibration; inverted segment display; auto shutdown

Intuitive, precise checks on wood moisture content

The UniversalHumid is the right choice when accuracy on wood moisture checks is a must. With two pre-programmed wood groups that offer broad measuring ranges (A: 7.1% - 74.7%; B: 6.4% - 61.9%), the wood moisture meter achieves even more exact results. Measurement is easy by just sticking the two measurement pins into the wood. From checking the moisture of firewood for emission reduction, pre-checking before painting, checking on furniture construction, e.g., to avoid deformation, mould prevention, installing parquet flooring, or checking wooden houses or trailers before purchase.

  • Focused on simplicity
  • For small to medium-sized tasks
  • Focused on functionality and performance for a broader range of tasks
  • For medium-sized tasks
  • Best performance with enhanced features
  • Larger and more challenging tasks

Easy and accurate measuring of wood moisture

Wood moisture meter
Achieve better painting results by checking the moisture content beforehand
Pre-checks on firewood for less emission and smoke
Ideal before upcycling furniture, e.g., to avoid cracks
Magnetic cap can be attached on the back while measuring
Apt for interior and exterior use
Moisture checks for mould prevention

Technical details for UniversalHumid

Technical specifications
Mode 1 measurement range
7.1 - 74.7 %
Mode 2 measurement range
6.4 - 61.9 %
Measuring accuracy**
± 1%
Accuracy type
Measuring accuracy conductivity (typical)
Automatic deactivation
5 min
Number of batteries
Battery type
1.5 V LR03 (AAA)
0.16 kg
Tool dimensions (L x W x H)
187 x 56 x 44 mm
Delivery details: UniversalHumid
Order number:
Wrist strap
3 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA) batteries
Order number:
EAN Code

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