X-Line Drill and Screwdriver Bit Sets

X-Line Drill- and Screwdriver Bit Set TiN-coated 103 pieces

Metal drill bits with titanium-nitride coating. The metal drill bits with titanium-nitride coating excel through their long lifetime and high strength. For fast, clean drilling in the most diverse metals, plexiglass and hard plastics (not suitable for use with aluminium).
  • Durable, carbide-tipped masonry drill bits.
  • Standard wood drill bits and titanium-nitride-coated spade bits for increased cutting speeds and drilling clean, precise holes in wood.
  • Holesaws for feed-throughs on ceilings, walls or furniture. Suitable for hard/soft wood, veneered wood, chipboard and plasterboard.
  • Screwdriver bits for all standard screw head types.


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