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Our guide to the ultimate new home owner’s toolkit

A picture ofa couple in a new home
Here's our ultimate new home owner's toolkit

Following a recent survey we conducted, it revealed that six in ten modern Brits struggle with DIY and as a result, we launched our ‘Pass It On‘ campaign to help encourage the next generation to learn vital new skills and become amateur home DIYers themselves.

If you have friends or family who’ve recently become homeowners for the first time, chances are you’ll be looking for a housewarming present. So why not forget the flowers and scented candles and give them something practical they can actually use for years to come? We’ve put together some ideas, with something in mind to suit all budgets.

The IXO cordless screwdriver

If we were to choose a favourite ‘first home’ tool, we’d pick the IXO every time. Not only is it the ideal screwdriver for your day-to-day projects, but the range of available attachments make it extremely versatile. Whether it’s used to drive screws into awkward spaces, as a BBQ blower, spice mill or even a corkscrew adapter to enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine after completing your DIY project – this nifty cordless screwdriver is perfectly equipped for every situation.

A picture of someone using a Bosch IXO to attach legs to a chair
A cordless screwdriver is an essential tool for any toolkit

PSM 18 LI Multi-Sander

The majority of new home owners will want to freshen up with a lick of paint, even if nothing else needs doing and we all know that when it comes to painting and decorating, preparation is key! The PSM 18 LI cordless multi-sander is a compact, powerful all-rounder for sanding and polishing, even in hard-to-reach areas and on small surfaces. It can be used on wood, plastics and metal too. The Bosch microfilter system keeps the surrounding area clean and the built-in dust extraction element draws dust directly into the microfilter box provided, meaning no mess is left behind either.

A picture of someone using a cordless multi-sander
Multi-sanders are perfect for sanding wood, metal and plastics

EasyImpact 550

Making a home your own involves adorning your walls with pictures, photo frames and mirrors. Many people will also want to hang curtain poles, blinds and brackets for the all-important wall mounted TV. Not forgetting putting together all of that new furniture, assembling shelves and fixing clothes hooks. All of these tasks make having a good drill an essential tool in any new home owners toolbox and drilling has never been easier with the EasyImpact 550. Its low weight, ergonomic design makes this tool exceptionally comfortable and easy to handle and it boasts high drilling power despite its compact appearance. This handy powerhouse from Bosch makes light work of all drilling – in all materials, even concrete.

A picture of someone using an impact drill to drill a hole in a wall
Easily drill into walls with the EasyImpact 550

Zamo measuring tool

There’s no need to fumble with a tape measure if you own a Bosch Zamo. A measuring tool that can help you measure spaces, align items on a wall or gain precise measurements for things like curtains with ease. With the Zamo you can easily and accurately measure distances of up to 20 metres at the push of a button, and it even saves the last measured value so you don’t have to write it down. Best of all, it’s compact and lightweight, meaning it can fit in any trouser pocket.

PAS 18 LI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

There’s no denying DIY can cause a bit of a mess, but there’s no need to worry with this handy cordless vacuum cleaner. Perfect for sawdust and worksurfaces, as well as general crumbs and carpets, it’s lightweight and very versatile and perfect for someone with little storage space.

Keep your worksurfaces clean with the help of the PAS 18 LI

  • A picture of someone using a PAS 18 LI to clean their worktop
    Keep your worksurfaces clean with the help of the PAS 18 LI
  • A picture of someone using the PAS 18 LI in a car
    You can even use the cordless vacuum around the home

“Power for All” battery system

An added advantage is that Bosch Power Tools expanded cordless range benefit from its “Power for All” battery system which comprises of DIY and garden tools. This means that countless power tools, including several from our homeowner’s guide, can be operated using the same 12 volt or 18 volt lithium-ion battery. This enables first time homeowners to use existing 12 volt or 18 volt batteries across tools and chargers they already own, making this a very cost effective and thoughtful gift.

So why not give your loved ones a meaningful gift this year and pass along your knowledge of DIY with it.