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Is your chest of drawers looking tired and old? Here are 5 ways to spruce it up

A mid-century-style chest of drawers, with a lamp and vase of dried flowers on top.
Find out how you can transform this chest of drawers into a stylish piece from the 50s or 60s

Want to give a room a new look, but don’t know how? We recommend starting out small, without investing too much time or money. Besides redecorating and other ways of introducing more colour to your home, a new piece of furniture is the perfect way to create that “just moved in” feeling. Take a chest of drawers, for example: it doesn’t take long to transform, and can be adapted to any interior design trend or style. Here are five ways you can turn an old chest of drawers into a real eye-catching piece.

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Make a mid-century chest of drawers: it’s easy and cheap!

A chest of drawers with a mid-century look and feel, in front of a grey wall.
It’s easy to give your chest of drawers a mid-century look and feel – and you hardly need any materials to do it.

1950s and 60s-style furniture is making a comeback – but it comes at a price. So why not try making your own? Using brown paint and gold-coloured handles, you can transform a standard chest of drawers into a retro designer piece. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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Repurpose your chest of drawers

Collage showing a bench and the chest of drawers used to make it.
From storage to seating: with a few modifications, a little colour and a cushion, you can turn an old chest of drawers into a comfy bench. © Granville JunkAholics

A lick of paint isn’t the only way to spruce up your chest of drawers – you could even transform it into a completely different piece of furniture.

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Add a geometrical pattern

A chest of drawers with a black zigzag pattern beside a window, with a bike leaning next to it against the wall.
Tailored to your style: a chest of drawers with a geometrical pattern

Are you a fan of clean, bold lines and geometric patterns? Then why not use these to spruce up your chest of drawers? Simply choose a pattern, then measure it out, stick on some tape, paint and you’re done!

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From storage space to workplace

A white desk made from a chest of drawers, with drawers and wheels.
Space-efficient and practical, yet stylish: this desk was once a chest of drawers

We love it when a piece of furniture looks so good, it’s hard to tell if it’s for practical use or decoration only – like our #shelfies or DIY nightstand , for example. Or take this desk, made from an old chest of drawers by blogger Diane from inmyownstyle . The drawers keep everything nice and tidy, whilst the worktop can be folded away to save space.

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A chest of drawers your kids will love

A chest of drawers with handles made from plastic/rubber animals, with toys on the floor in front of it.
It’s easy to keep your kid’s bedroom tidy with this charming chest of drawers

Do you despair at the mess in your child’s bedroom? Furniture with storage space – like this children’s chest of drawers – means everything can be stowed away quickly come bedtime. The drawers have been covered with blackboard paint, whilst painted toy animals are used for the handles. Your kid is guaranteed to want to help at tidy-up time! Click here for step-by-step instructions.