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DIY concrete stool: upcycling with fishing nets

Two concrete stools with fishing net cushions in front of an artistic background.
Anyone is happy to take a seat on these stools.

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 €
  • Duration
    1-3 h

This upcycling project will knock you off your seat – once you’ve built it, that is. This DIY concrete stool brings a touch of style to your living room by reusing the handles from old gardening tools such shovels or rakes. A seat cushion made from fishing nets lends this stool the perfect, rustic-chic touch. We’ll show you how to build your very own stool with fishing net cushion here.

Have you heard about our  18-volt system yet? It offers a very wide variety of devices for many uses. The thing that makes the project below so special is that you can use the same rechargeable battery for every part of this project. Simply swap out the battery pack, insert it into a different device that is part of the 18-volt system and continue to the next step.

It should go without saying that your safety is paramount throughout every step of the project, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. You can find everything you need to know about the correct protective clothing you need when using each type of tool in our overview.

You need
  • adhesive tape
  • pencil
  • pocket rule
  • g-clamps
  • Bucket
  • Concrete
  • Fishing net
  • Handles from old garden shovels or similar tools
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 6

Sawing and sanding the handles

You’ll need concrete, a bucket, a fishing net and old garden shovels.
The correct measurement is being made and marked out on the handle using a pencil and a pocket rule.
An old handle is being sawn to length using a jigsaw.
The old handle is being sanded using a multi-sander.

You need: Jigsaws, BIM jigsaw blade, T 308 BF, Multi-sander, Sanding Sheet Set 10 Pieces, g-clamps, pencil, pocket rule, Handles from old garden shovels or similar tools

You can upcycle a couple of old gardening tools for this project. The handles from old shovels or rakes are perfect for the legs of the stool (image 1).

Start by measuring out the necessary lengths on three handles using a pocket rule. Measure from the ends (image 2). They can be any length you want, depending on how tall you want your stool to be. Bear in mind, however, that part of the sawn handles will disappear into the concrete.

Then, saw the three handles to length. It’s best to use a jigsaw for this (image 3).

Finally, sand all of the sawn pieces (image 4). Make sure that the handles are clamped firmly to your workbench both when sawing and sanding.

Step 2 6

Positioning the net in the bucket

A fishing net is being rolled up.
A rolled-up fishing net is being positioned precisely in a bucket.

You need: adhesive tape, Fishing net, Bucket

This step will see you prepare the ‘cushion’ for your stool. To do this, position a rolled-up fishing net (image 1) in the bucket into which you’ll pour the mixed concrete later (image 2).

Now, use some adhesive tape to mark the three positions on the rim of the bucket against which the poles will lean later (see image 3 in step 4).

Step 3 6

Mixing the concrete

Concrete is being prepared in a bucket.

You need: Bucket, Concrete

You’ll need a second bucket in a similar size to mix the concrete.

Concrete is being mixed in a second bucket. This should be around the same size as the other bucket to ensure you end up with the right quantity of concrete.

Fill it approximately halfway with concrete powder and mix the concrete with enough water according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 4 6

Positioning the poles

A squared timber is being attached to a wooden handle with adhesive tape.
Concrete is being poured from one bucket to fill another.
Three wooden handles are equidistant from one another in a bucket of concrete.

You need: adhesive tape, Squared timber, Bucket with fishing net from step 2, Concrete, Cut wooden handles from step 1

Grab the marked bucket with the net again, as well as your three sawn and sanded wooden legs.

Attach a short piece of squared timber to each of the legs to act as a spacer to the rim of the bucket (image 1).

Now, pour an initial layer of the mixed concrete onto the net in the bucket (image 2).

Next, position the three wooden legs with sawn edge down in the concrete. The squared timbers you attached must lean exactly against the three markings you made on the rim of the bucket (image 3).

Step 5 6

Topping up the concrete and aligning the poles

A second layer of concrete is being poured between the legs.
The distances between the wooden legs positioned in the concrete are being checked with a pocket rule to make sure that they are equal.
The heights of the wooden legs positioned in the concrete are being checked with a pocket rule to make sure that they are equal.
Wooden legs positioned in concrete are also being attached to the rim of the bucket using adhesive tape.

You need: pocket rule, adhesive tape, Concrete

It’s now time to pour the remaining concrete into the bucket containing the wooden legs (image 1). Make sure that the legs don’t move.

Once all of the concrete has been poured into the bucket, you need to make sure that all three legs are the same height and the same distance apart. It’s also worth grabbing your folding rule again here (images 2 and 3) – you don’t want your stool to end up wobbling.

You can make extra sure that the wooden legs don’t move by attaching them to the rim of the bucket with adhesive tape (image 4).

Step 6 6

Removing the concrete stool

Stabilising adhesive tape is being removed from wooden legs and a bucket of set concrete.
The bucket is being turned over and the finished, set concrete stool is emerging.
The finished concrete stool is standing level on all three legs.

First, remove the adhesive tape from the wooden legs and the rim of the bucket (image 1).

It’s now time for the moment of truth: if everything has set, you can lift the stool out of the bucket (image 2). You may have to bang on the bucket a few times.

Well done! Take a seat!