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How to clean guttering

A picture of guttering with brown and yellow leaves
Here's our guide to clean guttering

Knowing how to clean your gutters will not only help you maintain your home but save you from paying a professional to do it.

Here’s our top tips.

Getting started

Before you begin you will need a few items:

  • A ladder
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bucket to put leaves and debris in
  • A hand shovel
  • A garden hose

Step 1

A picture of someone cleaning guttering full of leaves using a hand shovel
Carefully scoop leaves and debris out of the guttering with a hand shovel

Set up your ladder and make sure you’re wearing protective clothing and gloves. When using a ladder take care manoeuvring up and down, we suggest having someone nearby to hold the ladder so it doesn’t slip.

Then start scooping out any leaves and muck from the guttering using a hand shovel, avoiding to push anything accidentally down the downpipes. The downpipes are located on the side of your house and run from the top of the guttering to the ground. You don’t want to accidently block them otherwise rain water won’t be able to run clear. When collecting debris place it into a bucket so it’s easier to dispose of later.

Make sure to reposition your ladder along the guttering instead of reaching across to clean as this will be more efficient and safer.

Step 2

Next check for any leaks or blockages. To do this, pour water into the guttering and see if it flows or starts to leak. If you have a leak, carry out the correct maintenance to fix the guttering, making sure to check if all of the guttering is attached to your house.

If you have a blockage in the downpipe, you can clear it by directing water from a hosepipe into the downpipe from either the top or bottom of the pipe. This will help force any debris loose. If this doesn’t work, then you will need to use a plumber’s snake to loosen the debris and draw it out.

Step 3

Once all appropriate maintenance has been carried out, use a hose to clean away any additional dirt so your guttering is left sparking clean.