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Update your dining surroundings

Picture of a dinning room with a chalkboard wall
Updating your dining room couldn't be easier

We’re continuing to explore upcycling this year (taking old, tired, existing products and using some top tips and techniques to rejuvenate them) and in particular, we’re going to be looking at how to update and refresh your existing dining furniture. We also have some exciting suggestions to upcycle other items to add to your dining surroundings.

First, the dining table…

Dining tables, particularly the top surface, can easily and noticeably look worn and tired so why not give them a new lease of life this year? To begin, use a sander to remove the existing paint and varnish from the wood, including the legs if possible.

Next, coat the entire table with primer. Once that’s dry (although this may need a couple of coats), choose the paint you’d like to use and cover all surfaces with this new colour. The table will likely need a couple of coats of paint so be sure to allow each coat to fully dry before applying the next. A dual tone could be applied to the table by using two complimentary colours: one for the table top and another for the legs to add an extra dimension to your upcycled dining table. You may need to take the base and top apart if you’re using two different colours to help this painting process. Go bold and bright or keep it subtle – the choice is yours!

A picture of a wooden table decorated in colourful paint
Update your dining table

Next, the chairs…

Depending on the style and shape of your chairs, it might be a little difficult to sand these using a multi-sander, but a sanding roller is the perfect solution here. Alternatively, the wooden chairs can be cleaned thoroughly. They then need to be treated with a couple of layers of primer, and finished with an application of the colour of your choice. There’s always the option to explore adding a stencilled design on your chairs for extra flair. If you’re feeling creative, use some spare material to reupholster the seats if the cushion is in good condition. A screwdriver will be needed to remove the seat from the chair so you can staple the material to the cushion, using a staple gun.

A picture of colourful wooden stools
Add a splash of colour to your wooden stools

Finally, reinventing new dining accessories…

Your dining table and chairs will now be looking completely rejuvenated, adding a refreshing new dimension to your dining surroundings. But it doesn’t have to stop there as a plethora of existing items can be upcycled to compliment your newly revamped dining furniture!

Why not take an old pair of mason jars, tie some coloured ribbon around the top and pop a tealight in to transform them into your very own table lighting when enjoying your meal? Or, take an old, worn out pair of jeans, cut a strip of fabric with the full length of the seam in the middle and roll up to form a twisted coaster. A glue gun would be the perfect tool to help prevent your coasters from unravelling – they will soon become the perfect accessory to protect your gorgeous new table top.

A picture of a mason jar candle
Reinvent your dining table decorations

Place mats can be upcycled too by removing the existing decoration. Use spare strips of wallpaper to cover the place mat, and apply a protective coating to make sure they are heat proof.

You could also create a table centre-piece by using old, empty tins. Cut shapes from unwanted books and glue them around the outside of the tins – the overall effect is really eye-catching and strips of ribbon and lace can be added too to include a splash of colour. Attach the tins together in one single line and pop in artificial or real flowers to form a stunning new addition to your table. The centre-piece can be used during the week or be tailored to special occasions. Alternatively, you could turn your old cans into pretty tealight holders. Just decorate them as you wish, drill small holes in a pattern of your choice and drop in a flickering battery tealight (so the can doesn’t get too hot!). With your upcycling prowess you will soon become the envy of your friends and family.

A picture of an upcycled tin into a tea light holder
Upcycle old, empty tins into tea light holders