Verktøy for Hjem og Hage

Prepare your home and garden this winter

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Stay warm this winter

A new season has arrived and so has the opportunity to start thinking about small changes inside and outside to prepare your home this winter.

Beating those winter blues is all about surrounding yourself with as much warmth and light as possible. Here are our hints and tips that not only ensure that your home feels warm and welcoming but also help prevent the cold from taking its toll on your property and heating bills.

Whether you can afford to conduct an energy audit to find the leaks and cracks or if it’s simply adding layers of insulation for warmth, now is the ideal time to winter proof your home and garden.

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Protect the patio furniture and tools

Protect the patio furniture and tools

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden shed then shelter or at least cover up outdoor furniture such as your tables and chairs and your BBQ to avoid the potential of rust. Don’t forget about protecting and locking away the garden tools you won’t be using over the winter not only from the weather but for safekeeping too.

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Clear out the gutters

Cear out gutters before winter to make sure they’re clear of all sticks, leaves and mud.

It’s important to give your gutters a clear out this winter to make sure they’re clear of all sticks, leaves and mud. Overflowing and blocked gutters can drench walls and cause long term damage to your property. We recommend using a high pressure washer as they make the task effortless.

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Seal the gaps, cracks and draughts

Get cosy by the fire.
Get cosy by the fire.

To prevent chilly air from entering the home seal cracks and gaps around doorframes, windows and walls using inexpensive strips of insulation, caulk or foam filler for larger areas. Use a cordless screwdriver to help you temporarily seal uncovered keyholes, cat flaps or letter boxes or securing the hinges on front and back doors. Check for draughts too and cover with draught excluders.

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Give your radiators some TLC

Our guide supports in bleeding radiators.
See our guide to bleeding radiators

There’s a myth that bleeding radiators is a difficult task when actually it’s super easy and essential to keep your home warm this winter. A quick way to tell if your radiator needs bleeding is if it’s cooler at the top or at the bottom. Use a bleed key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator anti-clockwise until you hear the hissing sound of the air. Have a cloth ready for any water that drips and once the water begins to flow, tighten the valve back up again!

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Insulation is key

If you live in a modern property insulation is less of a worry. If not, then insulation is key and can make a huge difference in ensuring heat remains in your home resulting in cutting the cost of your energy bills. A quarter of the heat in your home can be lost through insufficient insulation in the loft alone. Installers are usually needed for cavity insulation and bigger jobs however, for smaller insulation tasks using a tacker may come in handy for stapling thin insulation materials onto softwood.

Winter is almost here and the desire to be inside is stronger than ever. Winter proofing is essential as let’s face it, our homes have always been at the heart of this season.