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Build your own ceiling lamp: This wooden beam will brighten up your dining table

A lamp made from a rustic wooden beam hangs over a set dining table.
Stylish, practical and easy to build: A ceiling lamp made from an old rustic wooden beam

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 30 €
  • Duration
    1-3 h

Are you not totally satisfied with the lighting in your dining room? Then how about installing a rustic wooden beam? Once you add a few stylish lightbulbs to it, it will be transformed into a cool ceiling lamp. Just follow a few simple work steps and you will soon be able to switch on the light.

It should go without saying that your safety is paramount throughout every step of the project, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. You can find an overview of the correct protective clothing you need when using each type of tool here:

You need
  • g-clamps
  • pocket rule
  • protractor
  • pencil
  • Old wooden beam in the desired thickness and length
  • 3–5 lamps with a cable (depending on the beam’s length and size of the lightbulbs)
  • 2 ring bolts with wood thread (∅ approx. 7 mm)
  • Small metal hooks with wood thread
  • Metal chain for mounting
  • Piece of string
  • Plants or herbs, including small pots
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 6

Cut the wooden beam

You need: Bosch bajonettsager, Bajonettsagblad, bimetall, S 3456 XF, pocket rule, protractor, pencil, g-clamps, wooden beam

First, you will have to get a suitable wooden beam. This might require a bit of effort. However, you will probably strike gold on classified ads platforms. Wooden beams are available in a wide variety of sizes. Our piece of wood is 140 x 10 cm. Make sure that your beam is not too heavy, as the ceiling will have to bear this weight.

Depending on how and where you would like to hang up your new lamp, you will first have to shorten your wooden beam.
To do so, first measure the desired length and draw in the measurement.

Then cut the wooden beam to size. You can use a reciprocating saw with the standard setting for this step. Clamp the wooden beam securely while sawing.


Step 2 6

Sand the beam

You need: Bosch multislipere, Slipearksett til multislipere, 10 stk., abrasive sponge (medium grit), g-clamps

If you are using devices from the 18 V battery system, then you can now simply put the battery from the saw in your sander from the same series. (Image 1)

Use this to sand the sawn ends of the wooden beam and remove rough fibres and protruding splinters. Please make sure not to ruin the colour of the wooden beam while sanding it if you are using an old wooden beam.
A coarse sanding sponge will do the trick if you want to lightly sand the remaining surfaces and corners. (Image 2)

Step 3 6

Drill the hanging holes

You need: Cordless combi drill, Wood drill bit: 6 mm, pocket rule, protractor, pencil, g-clamps, 2 ring bolts (∅ approx. 7 mm)

Determine the distance between the mounting holes in the next step. If you have a wooden beam that is 140 cm in length, then these should each be located about 30 cm from each end. Measure and mark the positions for the drill holes. (Image 1)

Pre-drill the holes for the ring bolts. Use a drill that is 1 mm smaller than the bolts’ diameter – this ensures that they will be held securely in the wooden beam later on. (Image 2)

Then twist the two large ring bolts into the holes. A pliers or a similar tool is best for this task, as the leverage will make it easier to tighten the bolts. (Image 3)

Step 4 6

Mount the wooden beam

A wooden beam is mounted to the ceiling.
Research which dowels you will need for your ceiling beforehand.

You need: Metal chain, more hooks/dowels for securely mounting the lamp to the ceiling

Your wooden beam is now ready to mount to the ceiling. A metal chain and fitting hooks will attach the wooden beam securely to the ceiling.

The type of screws and dowels you use for your ceiling will depend greatly on your ceiling’s structure and the material it is made from. Click here for a guide on how to deal with heavy loads to be borne by your ceiling, or get in touch with an expert for professional advice.

Step 5 6

Attaching the lamps

The cables of lightbulbs are wrapped around a hanging wooden beam.
You can find these vintage lamps at almost any DIY store these days.

You need: Lamps with a cable

Now wrap the lights’ cables around the wooden beam. You are free to choose how many lightbulbs you would like and how bright they should be.

Step 6 6

Attaching the hooks for the herbs

You need: small metal hooks with threads, herbs, piece of string

To add a culinary touch to your new dining room decoration, you can also affix some fresh herbs to the wooden beam.
You will need to screw a few hooks into the wood from below to do so. It’s best to place the hooks between the lights – but the number of hooks and distance between them is totally up to you.

Now all you need to do is hang up a few herbs and switch on the light. Your new decoration is now complete and ready to impress your dinner party guests!