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Do-it-yourself wardrobe: upcycling using denim fabric and tins

Tins are hanging offset on a wall and are filled with scarves and gloves.
The denim fabric surrounding the cans provides the finishing touches for your DIY shelf.

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 €
  • Duration
    < 1 h

Each winter it’s the same dilemma: hats, scarves and gloves keep accumulating at home but the proper storage space is missing. The solution: a homemade wardrobe. You can adapt it to suit your needs and it also gives your front hall a unique touch. The second your guests enter your home, they will be impressed by your creative and sustainable idea – for example, a wardrobe made from recycled tins. It’s easy to build and definitely a real looker thanks to its denim style. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to build your very own upcycled wardrobe.

It should go without saying that your safety is paramount throughout every step of the project, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. You can find everything you need to know about the correct protective clothing you need when using each type of tool in our overview.

Step 1 5

Preparing the tins

The label is being removed from a tin.
The label comes off easier if you wash it first with warm soapy water.

You need: Tins

You will need several tins for your new wardrobe with a denim look. In order to also be able to store larger items – such as hats and scarves – it is best to use large tin cans. It’s entirely up to you how many you use. Just ask your favourite Italian restaurant for the tins.

You can also find large tins at a wholesaler – however, they’ll be full and still bear the label. Of course, you have to get rid of both of these before moving on to step 2. In the meantime, enjoy your meal!

Step 2 5

Drill the holes

A hole is being drilled in the underside of a tin.
Don’t forget to use a metal drill bit for the tin.

You need: Cordless drill/driver, Metallbor HSS-R, DIN 338, sett med 10 deler, Tins from step 1

In this step, you will drill holes into the underside of the (empty) tins. Place them in the middle and use a 4 mm metal drill bit.

Step 3 5

Cover the tins with denim

You need: Bosch IXO batteridrevne skrumaskiner, IXO Collection – universalkutteforsats, scissors, Tins from step 2, Get your old jeans out of the closet or cellar

Still got an old pair of jeans in the closet or the cellar? Now you can make use of them.

First, stick a tin in the trouser leg of the jeans – preferably in such a way that you can easily fold it over at the top (Figure 1).

You can cut off the leftover material from the trouser leg with scissors or another suitable tool. Leave a little extra material for covering the tin (Figure 2).

Don’t be afraid to get creative and change things up a bit depending on what part of the jeans you find prettiest as a cover for your tin shelf. Repeat this for each tin that you would like to use for your wardrobe.

Step 4 5

Glue the denim fabric

You need: glue, Tins from step 3, Denim fabric

Now, glue the two folded ends of the jeans to the tin. This can be done using all-purpose glue. Make sure not to glue the drill-hole on the bottom of the tin shut.

Step 5 5

Hang the tins

Denim-covered tins are being hung on a white wall with screws.

You need: Cordless drill/driver, Uneo Maxx, Sett med skrutrekkerbits, 16 deler, Screws, Dowel

During the last step, the tins are hung on the wall. We recommend you use dowels in the wall to ensure the tins hold better. Now you can screw the tins onto the wall through the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the tin. Tip: it looks especially nice, if you offset the various sized tins on the wall. Now you can fill them with scarves and hats, for example, and just like that, your DIY wardrobe is finished.