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Thank you New Zealand

Thank you New Zealand!

For voting us Most Trusted DIY Power Tool Brand for 2022!

Intuitive screwdriving from start to finish. IXO

The new IXO.

Intuitive screwdriving from start to finish. Elegant design and full control thanks to unique "Speed Control".



FONTUS Cordless 18V Outdoor Pressure Cleaner gives you the freedom to clean anywhere, any time without a water main or electricity cables.

18V combo kits

18V Combo Kits

Kits are an incredible way to kickstart a DIY project journey or just cover the essentials. Available in 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece options.

Power for all

THE battery for your home.

Now you can buy once and save money in the long-term: The "POWER FOR ALL" cordless system is simple to use with all Bosch tools in the relevant voltage class.

GardenPump 18

GardenPump 18

More cutting power with Power Assist Technology.



More cutting power with Power Assist Technology.

UniversalImpact 18

Product recall

This recall is specific to a New Zealand standard. The sale of this product is not affected in any other country.

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