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Changing the jigsaw blade: Using jigsaws correctly

The jigsaw blade is changed on a Bosch jigsaw.
The jigsaw blade is easy to change thanks to the SDS quick-change system.


Wood is no problem for a jigsaw. But this versatile tool can do even more! In addition to wood, you can also use it to saw metal, plastics and other materials. We explain how to change the saw blade on your Bosch jigsaw in just a few seconds, and what you'll need to consider. Because you'll only get the best out of your project when you use the right saw blade.

You need
  • work gloves
  • No materials needed
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Changing the saw blade on a Bosch

The blades on the Bosch EasySaw 18 and UniversalSaw 18 jigsaws can be changed easily. However, there are a few things to bear in mind. Our video takes you through the process step by step and shows you how to easily change the jigsaw blade on your Bosch jigsaw.

Step 1 5

Removing the battery

A battery is removed from a jigsaw.
Safety is always the priority, and this also applies when changing the saw blade.

You need: Jigsaw

Safety is always the priority when using a jigsaw. And particularly when handling the saw blade. The first and most important step is therefore to remove the jigsaw battery before changing the saw blade.

Step 2 5

Protective gloves

Putting on protective gloves.
Protective gloves protect you from cuts.

You need: work gloves

When changing the saw blade, be sure to wear protective gloves. Always put on protective gloves before handling the saw blade. This protects you against cuts.

Step 3 5

Removing the saw blade

The saw blade is removed from a Bosch jigsaw.
The saw blade can be easily removed in a single motion.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set, work gloves

Battery removed and protective gloves on? You can now remove the old jigsaw blade from the jigsaw. This can be done very quickly on Bosch jigsaws thanks to the SDS quick-change system. Simply push the red cap above the saw blade up a little with two fingers. This unlocks the saw blade, allowing you to easily pull it downwards out of the holder.

Step 4 5

Inserting a new saw blade

A saw blade is inserted into a Bosch jigsaw.
A saw blade is inserted into a Bosch jigsaw.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set, work gloves

Is your new saw blade ready for curved cuts or for sawing a specific material? You can now insert it. The procedure is exactly the same as when removing the saw blade. Pull the red cap of the SDS quick-change system up again with two fingers and push the saw blade from below into the slot provided. As soon as it clicks, it is engaged and firmly seated. Release the red cap and insert the battery. The jigsaw is now ready for use.

By the way, Older U-shank saw blades are also compatible with the current system and can be used in the same way in current jigsaws.

Step 5 5

Choosing the saw blade

Five different saw blades on a wooden board.
Your choice of jigsaw blade will depend on the material you want to cut.

You need: Jigsaw blade set

There is an extensive range of Bosch jigsaw blades that covers a wide variety of materials and cutting types. For example, you can choose between jigsaw blades for wood or for metal Our guide explains which jigsaw blade is suitable for which material . A few basic rules will help you choose:


  • Length: The saw blade should be slightly longer than the thickness of the piece of material (at least 25 mm extra). But not too long, because a shorter blade is easier to control.


  • Teeth: Do you want to make a rough or a fine cut? With fewer, larger teeth, the cut will be rough, but you will be able to work faster. These types of blade are mainly used for soft wood. Many small teeth ensure a fine cut in wood or other materials. In simple terms: The harder the material, the more teeth the blade should have.


  • Width: Another factor is the width of the saw blade: The narrower the curve to be sawn, the narrower the saw blade should be. If, on the other hand, you want to cut a straight line, wide saw blades are the best choice. In addition: The thicker your material, the wider the saw blade should be.


  • Colour: You can identify the intended application of Bosch jigsaw blades by their colour: Grey for wood, blue for metal, red for plastic. 


You can find a detailed overview of Bosch jigsaw blades and their applications in our guide to jigsaw blades. Buying a jigsaw blade set equips you for the most common applications.


Would you like to know more about correctly using Bosch jigsaws? No problem! In our guides, we explain the most important basics , such as how to make a straight cut  or perform round  sawing. We also give you important tips on processes such as sawing without fraying , sawing plastic  or metal  or sawing out a worktop .

And if you want to try out sawing different materials with a jigsaw, the minimalist copper wardrobe is a perfect DIY project.