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Round sawing – very easy with a jigsaw

A rounded shape is sawn with a Bosch jigsaw.
If you know the right procedure, you can easily saw rounded shapes with a jigsaw.


Whether complete circles or curved lines, Rounded shapes can be sawn effectively with a jigsaw. However, with curves, there are some important points to consider. We'll show you how to saw rounded shapes correctly and give you some useful tips.

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Of course, with every step you must pay particular attention to your safety and take certain precautions to keep safe. See our overview for the appropriate protective clothing for all applications.

You need
  • round shape (e.g. flower pot)
  • g-clamps
  • pencil
  • Wooden board
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Sawing a circle – sawing rounded shapes with your jigsaw

Want to saw rounded shapes in wood with your jigsaw? Sometimes it's not so easy. The instructions in our video will help you: We show you which jigsaw blade you should use, how to make a perfectly round circle with your jigsaw and what else you'll need to consider when sawing rounded shapes in wood.

Step 1 6

Drawing a round contour

Draw a rounded outline on a wooden board with a pencil.
It is best to find a rounded shape that corresponds to the diameter you want to cut out later, or make a drawing compass with a nail and some thread.

You need: round shape (e.g. flower pot), pencil, Wooden board

The first step is to create the rounded shape you want to cut out on the workpiece. The best way to do this is to use a template (such as a flower pot as in our example) and draw the outline with a pencil. If you know the diameter, you can also use an ordinary school pair of compasses.

Step 2 6

Clamping the workpiece

A workpiece is clamped with a G-clamp.
Clamp your workpiece with several G-clamps.

You need: g-clamps

Before you reach for the tools, make sure your workpiece is properly secured. Use enough G-clamps and tighten them correctly.

Step 3 6

Drilling a hole

A hole is drilled in a wooden panel with a cordless combi drill.
Make sure that the drill bit is larger in diameter than the width of the saw blade

You need: Cordless combi drill, Wood drill

Before you can saw a round cut-out, you must first drill a hole using a wood drill bit on the inner edge of the drawn cutting line. The diameter of the drill bit should be larger than the width of the saw blade so that you can insert it into the hole without hitting it.

Alternatively, you can also make a plunge cut with the jigsaw. And it's even easier with a NanoBlade saw . This allows you to plunge in at the cutting line and saw the hole without any special technique.  

Step 4 6

Inserting a curved saw blade

A curved saw blade is used in a Bosch jigsaw.
There are special saw blades for sawing curves.

You need: Jigsaw, Jigsaw blade set, work gloves

There are special, thin curved saw blades for sawing rounded shapes. Find the one you need with our overview of all Bosch jigsaw blades , their properties and material compatibility. We also explain how to change  the saw blade correctly.


Step 5 6

Deactivating pendulum action

The pendulum action is switched off on a Bosch jigsaw.
Turn the pendulum control to 0 to switch it off.

You need: Jigsaw

The pendulum action is not required for curved cuts. Before sawing, turn the pendulum action switch on the jigsaw to 0 to deactivate this function.

Step 6 6

Saw along the round cutting line

A round circle is sawn with a Bosch jigsaw.
Turn the saw slowly and carefully.

You need: Jigsaw

Now place the jigsaw at the drilled hole and switch it on. Saw along the drawn line, turning the jigsaw slowly and carefully. If the position becomes uncomfortable at any point, you can also put the saw down briefly and reposition the workpiece (and clamp it again). This means you can continue to work in a relaxed and focused manner. Once you have sawn out the circle, it is worth grinding the cut edges again.

Would you like to do a small project on which you can practise sawing a rounded shape with the jigsaw? Take a look at our DIY balance board, which lets the whole family test their balance skills. Or try your hand at upcycling and create a rabbit hutch out of an old barrel.

Would you like to know more about using Bosch jigsaws? No problem! In our guides, we explain the most important basics  and show you how best to achieve a straight cut . We also give you important tips on processes such as sawing without fraying, sawing plastic  or metal  or sawing out a worktop .