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Everything you need to know about saws

A picture of a selection of cordless saws including a jigsaw, angle grinder, circular saw and a nanoblade saw
Learn everything you need to know about saws

Cutting tools are great for both DIY and garden projects making them a must have tool. They can be used on a wide variety of materials from wood to steel, and can create the right cut for any project, whether it’s tight curves or clean cuts of thick materials. Here’s our handy guide to help you choose the right saw for the right job.


Jigsaws are functional hand-held electric saws that can be used on a variety projects including wood and sheet materials. They’re ideal for cutting precise lines both curved and straight, and the low vibration provides easy control. The pendulum motion of the jigsaw blade increases the cutting speed whilst reducing the chance of jamming, which is great when working with delicate materials such as thin wood flooring.

The jigsaw we recommend is the PST 18 LI; you’ll benefit from its cordless freedom. This tool is part of our PowerForAll 18 Volt family meaning you can switch the battery between other cordless 18 Volt tools.

A picture of someone using a cordless a jigsaw outside to cut wood
We love the cordless freedom of the PST 18 LI

Circular saws

Circular saws are a heavy-duty tool that are designed to cut thick decking boards, saw through hard fibre boards, chipboard or laminate worktops, whilst maintaining a maximum level of safety. Most circular saws feature adjustable cutting depths and angles, allowing you to produce a wide range of cuts including bevel cuts. This versatility makes the tool efficient and easy to use.

We recommend the PKS 18 LI, another cordless tool part of our 18 Volt family. This circular saw is perfect for precise cuts while maintaining outstanding handling. Find out more here.

  • A close up picture of a circular saw
    Circular saws are perfect for clean straight cuts
  • A picture of someone using a circular saw to cut a piece of wood
    Circular saws are great for cutting through thick wood

Angle grinders

Commonly used for cutting metal and thick materials, angle grinders can also be used for polishing, sharpening, rounding and prepping surfaces such as metal, stone and mortar. This hand-held cutting device is one of the most versatile tools around. You can adjust your angle grinder by simply changing its wheels.

We recommend the PWS 750-115, it’s one of the most versatile and powerful angle grinders. Find out more here.

  • Aluminium Oxide wheels are used for wood, polishing, and cutting bolts and rods.
  • Diamond wheels are great for heavy duty materials such as cutting stone, concrete, and tiles.
  • Fibre wheels are used for eliminating rust and burrs found in metal.
  • Flapper wheel is great for sharpening tools, restoring edges sanding and grinding.
  • Silicon carbide wheels are used for sharpening, rounding, and tuck pointing. They can also be used for eliminating mortar.
  • Wire brush wheels are commonly used for cleaning metal, and removing paint and rust.
  • A picture of someone using a cordless angle grinder to cut a metal barrel
    Angle grinders are very versatile tools thanks to its extensive range of cutting wheels
  • A picture of someone using an angle grinder to cut a metal pipe
    Use an angle grinder to cut metals and thick materials

NanoBlade saws

These saws are based on a revolving chain consisting of chain links just 4 mm in size which ensures that the NanoBlade saws run with particularly high precision and without vibrations. NanoBlade saws are unique to Bosch and there are currently 40 patents for this new technology. The benefit of these saws is that it makes sawing even easier for all DIY enthusiasts no matter what level of skill you have. For more information, check out our NanoBlade saws here.

  • A picture of someone using a NanoBlade saw to cut wood
    Our NanoBlade saws makes sawing even easier
  • A picture of someone using an EasyCut 12 to cut wood
    Our NanoBlade saws currently have 40 patents for this new technology