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Dust extraction: Work in a better and healthier way

Boards are cut using two Bosch hand-held circular saws. One of the hand-held circular saws has dust extraction, the other does not. Two men stand next to each other. The black shirt worn by the man on the left is covered in dust. The blue shirt worn by the man on the right is clean.
Fed up of dust? Let us explain the benefits of wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Wood dust – not a big deal?

On the left, a man is standing, brushing dust off his black shirt. On the right, a man is standing in a clean denim shirt. He is fitting a UniversalAdapter onto a dust extraction hose.

Do you work a lot with wood? Then you'll know all about it: You can't do any sawing or planing without creating dust and chips. This dust and dirt can impact air quality and your health, costing you time because afterwards, depending on your tool, you are left with the onerous task of removing wood dust – not only from every surface, but also from yourself. Let us show you the risks posed by grinding dust and explain how you can improve your safety when doing DIY thanks to wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

The benefits of dust-free working

Five benefits of dust-free working are listed on a graphic: Seeing clearly, breathing easily, less dirt, clean clothes and more precise results.
All your advantages at a glance.

Working with wood creates dust. This wood dust is more than just a nuisance in the workshop – it also puts your health at risk, meaning it is a hazard that should not be underestimated when doing DIY. For instance, dust negatively impacts air quality and may lead to eye irritation and difficulty breathing, particularly if the particles come from harmful materials. What's more, dust created during woodworking triggers asthma and allergies, as well as cancer. This means that a dusty environment is not a good environment for you and your project. In addition to the health aspects, it also costs you time and stress if you keep having to interrupt your work to remove wood chips. Dirt can also make it difficult to see, which often results in cutting that isn't straight. Quick and effective dust extraction is therefore of the utmost importance in your workshop.

Quick and clean: Dust extraction for your workshop

Green Bosch power tools are on a working surface. The wet and dry extractor is positioned in the centre.
The starting point for low-dust work is innovative Bosch products.
A circular graphic shows power tools with dust extraction and wet and dry extractor from Bosch. A UniversalAdapter is shown in the centre of the circle.

Bosch dust extractors remove wood dust directly from the tool – right where it is produced, meaning dirt particles never even get into the air that you might breathe in. What's more, it is much easier to see, so you can focus more on your cutting line and achieve more precise results. Another great benefit is that your clothes stay cleaner for longer, since there are fewer chips flying around your workshop. By the way, you can also use Bosch dust extractors for wet dirt and fluids when you are doing DIY, in addition to dry dirt. As a result, you can get through your project without annoying interruptions, making cleaning up afterwards quick and easy.

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Thanks to the UniversalAdapter, any Bosch dust extractor can be fitted to many Bosch tools quickly and simply. This includes hand-held circular saws, routers, jigsaws, sanders and planers.

Before starting your next project, we recommend ensuring that you have dust extraction to hand, as well conventional protective clothing. Then you can get started with your DIY safely. Have fun!