Creative lighting: create a cosy reading corner with this lamp with fabric cable

A cosy children’s reading corner, with a lamp featuring a long fabric cable in the shape of a heart, mounted on the wall.
With this lamp with fabric cable, you can create a cosy corner for your little one to read and play

  • Difficulty
  • Cost
    < 50 £
  • Duration
    1-3 h


With a lamp and some snazzy fabric cable, plus a little creativity, you can create some beautiful wall lighting for your child’s room. It’ll give them a unique space to play, read and be happy! Now we’ll show you how to make it.

You need
  • pencil
  • Hot glue sticks in the right sizes
  • A lamp incl. socket with a textile cable in the length that fits your project - optionally with plug or switch
  • One light bulb
  • Triangular wall mount for attaching the lamp to it
  • 2 screws plus matching dowels for the wall bracket
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 5

Draw guidelines on the wall to help you create your reading corner

A man kneeling in front of a wall uses a pencil to draw a straight line along a laser.
With the Zamo plus laser line adapter, drawing straight horizontal or vertical lines on your wall is simple

You need: Digital Laser Measure Zamo (Set), Zamo - Line Adapter, pencil

Find an appropriate place for your reading corner (with plenty of wall space). If you want to use a lamp with a plug, it’ll have to be within reach of a socket. Now mark the guidelines on your wall. First, use the Zamo and laser line adapter to project a vertical line on to the wall. This should lead directly upwards from the socket. If you plan to use a lamp with a switch, start at the switch. Use the built-in spirit level on the adapter to ensure the line is straight. Now draw a vertical line along the laser. Then turn the Zamo with laser liner adapter so it’s lying horizontally. Draw a line along this laser too. At the end of the line, mark where you want to hang the lamp. Leave enough space in the middle to create a heart shape with the cable.

Step 2 5

Draw the heart shape on the wall

A man drawing a big heart on a wall with a pencil
With two large S shapes (one inverted), you can create a beautiful heart shape on your wall

You need: pencil

Now draw a heart – or whatever shape you like – on the wall. Feel free to go with something different! Connect the shape with the horizontal line you drew.

Step 3 5

Measure the length of the cable

A man moves a Bosch measuring device with wheel adapter along a wall
Measuring curved lines and edges is easy with the Zamo with wheel adapter

You need: Digital Laser Measure Zamo (Set), Zamo - Wheel Adapter

Now measure the length of your fabric cable. Insert the wheel adapter into the Zamo and move it along the lines you’ve drawn (including the heart). Hold the device steady so the angle is always the same. Move along the line in one go and apply equal pressure throughout. This will provide the most accurate measurement. Add one metre to the measurement for your fabric cable; this will ensure you have enough cable to wrap around the wall bracket later on.

Step 4 5

Mount the wall bracket on the wall

A man using a cordless drill/driver to screw a bracket to a wall
Later on, you'll wrap the fabric cable around this bracket

You need: Cordless combi drill, Hammer drill, Cordless screwdriver (IXO)

Now attach the bracket to the wall. First, drill the necessary holes and insert wall plugs that are suitable for your type of wall. Mount the wall bracket using a cordless drill/driver.

Step 5 5

Glue the fabric cable to the wall and finish your lamp

A man sticking a fabric cable to the wall with a hot glue gun.
Very carefully, glue the fabric cable to the wall along the lines you’ve drawn (including around the heart or your chosen shape)
A man screwing a light bulb into a lamp holder
With a beautiful big light bulb, you won’t even need a lampshade
Your children's new play and reading corner is ready!

You need: Cordless glue gun

Now you can put together your lamp. Before you start glueing the cable to the wall, make sure you leave enough at the end so that you can easily plug it in and unplug it. Apply glue along the lines you’ve drawn, bit by bit, and press down your cable firmly on top. Be careful – it’s hot! Then wrap the rest of the cable around the wall bracket and arrange the lamp holder. Screw in the light bulb. Your new lamp with a heart-shaped fabric cable is finished!

Our tip: don’t forget to child-proof the electrical socket, if you haven’t already!

Want to remove the fabric cable from the wall? Simply heat up the cable and the glue with a hair dryer. Then you should be able to easily peel off the cable and dismantle the lamp. Remove any remaining glue with your hand or a spatula. If needed, simply paint over the places where the glue has hardened.