Welcome to Bosch DIY & Garden

Welcome to Bosch DIY & Garden

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Firewood Storage

10 Garden Chipper Tips

You've trimmed your trees and don't know what to do with the cut branches? Our garden shredders literally turn them into tiny pieces of wood. You can put this wood to good use elsewhere in the garden. We tell you everything you need to know about garden shredders and offer some valuable tips.

Flowers in winter

Upcycling: Advent calendar made from jars

It's upcycling time! With our Advent calendar made from old jars, you can give your loved ones a very special treat. We'll show you how to make the DIY calendar yourself.

green seat

How to turn your old sideboard into a designer piece

Have you ended up with your grandmother’s old wooden sideboard and are you considering throwing it away? Why not give it a new lease of life instead? We’ll show you how you can easily transform it into a stylish sideboard.

bread box

Build your own wooden play shop

How about a play shop for your kids as a Christmas present? This DIY project is really fun to work on! We’ll show you how to build a mobile play shop yourself from old drawers and discarded children’s bicycles.


Building a platform made easy

Why build a platform? For storage, of course! It's precious in every household, but the solution is simple. We'll show you step by step how to build your own stable platform with a drawer.