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Welcome to Bosch DIY & Garden

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Firewood Storage

 DIY firewood storage cupboard

Inside or out, this shelving unit looks great anywhere. Keep your firewood supply looking neat, and even make a design statement with it, thanks to this shelving solution. You can also keep large logs and kindling separate – super handy.

Flowers in winter

6 tree and flower ideas for winter

Bright, blooming flowers in winter? It’s certainly possible – provided you choose the right plants. Here we tell you which varieties you can rely on in the autumn and winter, from evergreens to plants with colourful bark. Take inspiration from the pictures and keep your own garden or balcony bright and cheery during the darkest months of the year.

green seat

Green Seat: A relaxing oasis of greenery

Are you looking for a seat for your living room that gives you the chance to be creative? The Green Seat is a stylish, urban seat with wheels. It makes you feel a bit like you're in a garden in your own four walls. We explain how to build it.

bread box

DIY bread box

Are you looking for a suitable place in your kitchen for storing your bread? We've got the solution for you: Our rustic, wooden bread box can also be used as a chopping board. In our instructions, we explain step by step how to build your own practical, 2-in-1 wooden bread box with stylish straps.


Christmas table decorations

Before your Christmas feast, consideration for your table décor is essential. Place cards, ‘Christmassy’ napkins and special dinnerware all contribute to the festive feeling. Hopefully through our suggestions, you’ll find some inspiration to make this your most festive Christmas yet.