Welcome to Bosch DIY & Garden

Welcome to Bosch DIY & Garden

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A fully-fledged herb garden is hanging over a balcony railing.

Set up a herb garden

We show you how to organize your herb garden.

A serving trolley with a circular wooden frame stands in a smart living room.

DIY serving trolley

Find out how to build your own trolley with a circular wooden frame

A children’s play kitchen made of white wood with kitchen utensils and black chalkboards is situated in front of a white wall.

DIY play kitchen

Repurpose an old wooden bench to make your own wooden play kitchen.

A red and white wooden tree house is hanging in a tree.

Build your own tree house

Find out what a hanging tree house can look like

Various plant pots with blossoming and evergreen plants are lined up against the stonewall of a house.

Planting plant pots

We'll tell you everything you need to know about planting a plant pot.