Calibration service

For highest precision of your measuring tools

Accuracy is essential when using lasers and optical levellers, as measurement errors can affect work quality. External influences such as impacts, contamination or temperature variations can affect your measuring tool’s performance.

For this reason, you should have your measuring tool tool checked immediately if it has been dropped or if it gives inaccurate readings and at least have it checked once a year. The calibrations by Bosch meet the requirements according to ISO 9000ff, and the results are documented in a certificate.

When should I have calibration carried out? External influences such as falls, shocks, dirt or temperature fluctuations can impair the functionality of the measuring tools. In the event of a measurement error, the user is liable. After falls and any inaccuracies that occur, you should have your measuring tool checked immediately, otherwise this should be done once a year if the device is used properly.

Bosch Bluetooth® ZAMO for distance measurement

The procedure is the same as for a repair:

Simply fill out the online repair order.  Please write the keyword "Calibration" in the field "Remarks on the order". In the 4th section, you have to activate the "Without guarantee" button, then you will receive a quote for the calibration by email. *

The Bosch Calibration Service includes the following services:

Cleaning of the device
Checking the measuring accuracy in the test laboratory
If necessary: Adjustment of the device
Documentation of all measured values incl. calibration certificate

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Calibration FAQs

As with the Repair service, we aim to carry out the Calibration service and return the calibrated tool to the user within five working days.

The Bosch calibration service is open to any brand. Upon agreement, we can calibrate not only our own brand of tools, i.e. “Bosch” and “CST/berger”, but also all other brands.

Please note that calibration costs are based on no additional parts being required to return the product to a state where calibration can take place. For further details, please contact our Service Hotline team or alternatively email us. Tel: 0844 736 0109 Mon - Fri: 8.00 – 17.00 (landline rate 4 pence/min from a BT phone. Mobile and other phone network charges may vary) email: