Recycling and sustainability

The topic of sustainability plays a major role for us: Bosch ensures that old appliances are taken back and recycled. As many materials as possible are recycled to avoid unnecessary environmental damage.

The light and compact housing of this Bosch drill ensures ease of handling.

Responsibility for our products - beyond lifetime

In addition to our Repair and Spare Parts Service, Bosch takes care of the recycling of scrap tools and takes responsibility for our products, even after they have reached the end of their lifecycle.

Bosch  environmentally conscious

Waste disposal

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act 2007 requires that manufacturers meet certain criteria for the recycling and recovery of usable materials from scrap tools. Robert Bosch Ltd’s current participation within this community, which also consists of multiple manufacturers of power tools, electrical welding equipment and garden tools, is a necessary commitment to make towards remaining environmentally conscious. A waste disposal company working on behalf of this community, collects tools from the communal collection points and disposes of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Bosch recycling of scrap tools

Separate collection of WEEE

Electrical and electronic equipment that has become waste is referred to as waste equipment. WEEE does not belong in unsorted urban waste (household waste). This is also indicated by the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin depicted on the electrical and electronic equipment. Owners of WEEE have to hand them in at special collection and return systems.

Rechargeable Bosch battery

Batteries and rechargeable batteries

As a rule, owners of WEEE must separate old batteries and accumulators, which are not enclosed by the WEEE, before they are handed over at a collection point. This does not apply if the WEEE is handed over to public waste management bodies and separated from WEEE, for the purpose of preparing it for re-use.

Bosch Zamo with box

Data protection information

Data protection information. WEEE may contain personal data depending on its type. In your own interest, please note that each end user is responsible for deleting the data on the waste equipment to be disposed of.

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