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Fresh inspiration. Help with building, crafting and gardening. Or just practical DIY knowledge. Whatever you are looking for, here you will find everything you need to do it yourself.

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You just want to get information or to be inspired? Here you will find many exciting topics to read up!

DIY-Knowledge, gardening knowledge, DIY knowledge, All about DIY and gardening


Any questions about gardening and DIY? You´ll find the right answer in our knowledge section!

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Do you want to build something by yourself? Discover our DIY projects and get started!

Individualism for your home: Build your furniture yourself

Building furniture

Furniture & co: DIY projects with instructions for your home. Roll up your sleeves and go for it.

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Decoration ideas for inspiration. Great DIY-ideas and home accessories for do-it-yourself.

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Leisure time and family time

Projects, building instructions, craft ideas and lots of inspiration for the best time with your loved ones.

DIY as a lifestyle: All about trends, developments, ideas and trendy styles for your home

Home ideas & trends

Beautiful. Special. Creative – DIY trends and home ideas, which express your individuality.

Dog, cat, bird, DIY for animals.

Handcrafting for animals

Creative ideas and projects for animals in home and garden.

Upcycling, Conserve resources, build sustainable DIY projects yourself


Upcycling! Discover sustainable DIY projects.

Outside at home. Projects & ideas for the garden and around the house.

Garden, Balcony & Terrace

Garden, balcony and terrace become the second living room. Discover the best design ideas and projects for your garden, terrace or balcony.

DIY knowledge, all about DIY, gardening, garden work, garden calendar

DIY Knowledge

DIY from A to Z! Collected knowledge for everyone. No matter if you’re a beginner or expert.

Gardening knowledge, all about gardening, gardening, gardening calendar

Garden Knowledge

Gardening from A to Z! Collected knowledge for all. No matter if beginner or expert.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Contemplation and cosiness for your home. Discover great craft ideas, Christmas decorations and gifts for your loved ones.

A living room come dining room is bathed in cosy lighting, while a DIY lamp stands next to the sofa.

Let there be light! Five inspiring ideas for DIY lamps

Not seen the sun ☼ outside for a while? Well, at least we can create some light indoors ✓: Discover new ideas for cool DIY lamps here ❺!

Wooden gingerbread men decorate the home

Gingerbread decorations that look good enough to eat

A step by step guide to create homemade gingerbread men decorations for the home

A home-made lamp lights up a desk.

Your home’s new star attraction: a zigzag-shaped lamp

A wonderful ray of hope: The 18V battery system sheds light into the darkness.

A revamped chest of drawers in a children’s bedroom, surrounded by toys.

Stylish and practical: a chest of drawers with handles made from toy animals, perfect for children

Make your own chest of drawers with a writable surface and handles made from toy animals – perfect for children! Simply follow our step-by-step instructions

A home-made wooden bird feeder is tied to a tree with some rope.

Build your own bird feeder – with just one tool!

A great project for the autumn: building your own sheltered bird feeder. Click here for step-by-step instructions

A sofa, a side table and two cacti in front of a midnight blue wall.

Winter blues? No thanks! 7 ways to introduce more colour into your living room

Autumn and winter mean you spend more time indoors. Here are seven quick and affordable ways to keep your home looking cosy and colourful!

A clothing rail made from a tree branch. A nice mirror, colourful bags and clothing hang on the rail. A dark green houseplant is to the right of the rail.

A unique head-turner: build your own clothing rail from a tree branch in a few simple steps

Unique to you: build your own clothing rail from a tree branch

A picture of the colourful chessboard calendar on a wall of an office.

Colourful and organised: chessboard calendar

Always forgetting important dates and events? You need our colourful chessboard calendar. Check out our simple how to guide now.