Bosch Guarantee for your tool

Bosch gives you a two-year guarantee on privately used tools and chargable batteries. On our service platform, MyBosch you can extend the guarantee on your newly purchased Bosch DIY power tool, garden tool or measuring tool to three years at no extra charge. All you have to do to extend the guarantee is log on to MyBosch and register your tool within 4 weeks of purchasing it.

Bosch gives you a two-year guarantee on tools used for domestic purposes. During this period, our repair service including shipping of your faulty tool are free of charge.

Please note proof of purchase for the product will be required in order to make a guarantee claim.

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Prolong your Guarantee to 3 years

You have bought a new tool? Then you have the possibility to prolong your guarantee to 3 years, if you apply in the first 4 weeks. Simply sign up and register your tool on the MyBosch pages.

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Repair in the guarantee time

To repair your tool in guarantee time, just simply go to our online repair form. You will receive your tool back, in just a few days time. Please provide a copy of your proof of purchase when submitting the tool for repair.

Guarantee details

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Guarantee Conditions

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Guarantee FAQs

Am I entitled to a guarantee service after a repair?

After a charged repair, you are entitled to 3 months additional warranty on the parts and labour.