The Christmas Gift Guide for all the Family

Christmas presents on wooden floor

In need of some gift inspiration? Here at Bosch we have put together a list of the perfect gifts and stocking fillers, ideal for keen DIYers and the passionate gardeners.

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Woman cutting a hedge with EasyPrune

The EasyPrune is our new cordless power assisted secateurs, which are the perfect Christmas gift for all keen gardeners. With three power assist levels the EasyPrune makes easy work for all gardeners allowing you to effortlessly cut through branches of up to 25mm. Click here to see our short video on the Easyprune.

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Gluey pen and small dino toys placed by emty jars and spray cans on a ochre colored sheet

Realise your true creativity with the Gluey from Bosch. The Gluey makes the perfect stocking filter for anyone who has a passion for being creative or who enjoys arts&crafts. Whether you’re making a card for a special occasion or creating decorations, with the handy glue pen you are always ready for your next project. Just switch it on, let it warm up and glue it on. Click here to find a video on some of the creative projects you can get started on with the Gluey.

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Woman cleaning a window with GlassVac

Clean your windows and leave a streak-free finish with this cordless window vacuum from Bosch, ideal as a gift for a loved one this Christmas. The Glassvac features a patented rubber coating on the mouth of the vacuum, which allows you to guide smoothly along the glass of your windows. With a compact design the Glassvac lets you get up close to the window and clean from one surface edge to the other. Click here to discover 10 uses for the Bosch GlassVac.

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EasyCut 12

Man cutting wood with EasyCut

The EasyCut 12 is brilliant indoors and out thanks to its cordless nature giving you the freedom to work anywhere without restrictions. The new sawing technology is maintenance free, requiring no oiling or sharpening, meaning you have more time for the fun stuff. It can perform quick, clean straight cuts on branches and wooden boards. The perfect Christmas gift for both DIY enthusiasts and garden fanatics.

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Isio cordless shrub and grass shear set

Woman cutting a shrub

The Isio cordless shrub and grass shear is compact and powerful with added versatility. Use the power unit with a range of attachments including shrub shear blade, grass shear blade, sprayer and a telescopic handle for reaching up to tall shrubs or down to trim grass. Click here to see our video of the benefits to using the Bosch isio shape and edge shears.