Flower trends – it is going to be bright!

image of poppies in a meadow of flowers
The corn poppy is an all time trend.

One clear trend is “back to nature”. When it comes to flower trends for the garden and balcony, it’s safe to say things are going to get flashy. Pastel tones, lilac and pink were
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especially popular in the last years – as traditional flowers and medicinal plants. We’ve picked the top flower trends for this year. Click through our gallery for a little inspiration and get started on making your garden beautiful!

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image showing purple catnip growing
Catnip is easy to grow and flowers for a long time.

There are many reasons that catnip is one of the top flower trends. One reason is that it’s incredibly easy to grow. Another is that catnip flowers bloom for a long time – from April to July. The large, lilac plant prefers sunny spots and its soil should never be allowed to dry out.

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Ornamental leek

image showing ornamental leek with purple flowers growing
Ornamental leek flowers from May to September.

Yes, you read that right. Leeks aren’t just for eating – they can also look stunning! Depending on the type you choose, these flowers can adorn your garden from May to September. They are especially pretty when combined with smaller shrubs for the ornamental leek to tower over (it grows up to 150 cm tall).

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Corn poppy

image of poppies growing. Number 1 flower trend for 2017
The corn poppy was Flower of the Year 2017.

The poppy is one of nature’s greatest survival specialists. For you, this means perfect flowers even if you don’t always have time to water them. The corn poppy is very easy to grow and has no special requirements.

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image showing Oleander growing with pink flowers
Be careful if you have children – oleander is poisonous.

Boasting such a pretty colour, it’s no wonder that oleander is one of the top flower trends. It’s also one of the oldest Mediterranean tub plants and flowers from June to September, depending on the species. But be careful if you have children – oleander is as poisonous as it is beautiful.

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Busy lizzie

image showing purple busy lizzie growing
Busy lizzies – which also thrive in the shade – are perfect for balconies and terraces.

The name “busy lizzie” doesn’t just suit this beautiful flower – it could also apply to all garden and balcony owners. After all, most of us work incredibly hard to make our garden an extended living room. Busy lizzies will make this job an easy one, as they even grow well in shady spots – both on the balcony and in the garden!

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image showing Nemesia growing with small pink flowers
Nemesia blooms twice per year, once in May and once in September.

You can enjoy nemesia’s gorgeous blossoms twice a year. Simply prune it back after the first flowering in May and it will flourish again in September.

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image showing candytuft growing with beautiful white blossom
As the end of its flowering period draws near, this white blossom turns soft pink.

With its white flowers, the candytuft is not the season’s most colourful trend-setter – but it still deserves a place in our top 10 flower trends. The candytuft blooms from April to May. As its flowering period draws to an end, its white flowers turn a lovely shade of pink.


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Kangaroo paw

image showing Kangaroo Paw growing with exotic looking flower
Kangaroo paw should not be planted in direct sunlight.

The kangaroo paw has definitely earned its place on our list of flower trends. Have you heard of it? If so, you’re one of the few. It gets its name from its soft flowers, which are reminiscent of a kangaroo paw. This plant flowers from May to June. A tip: although this flower likes bright spots, you should never plant it in direct sunlight.

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Image showing daisies growing, Medicinal plant of the year 2017
The daisy is a Medicinal Plant.

The good old daisy ... we bet it stirs pleasant childhood memories! But did you know that it’s also said to have healing properties? The flowers also taste wonderful in a salad. We think it’s fair to say that it has earned its place in our top 10 flower trends!

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image showing coneflower growing which is a haven for bees and butterflies if you want to attract insects into your garden
The coneflower is a haven for bees and butterflies.

Do you love the summer and fluttering in your garden? Then the coneflower is definitely for you. Depending on the species, this beautiful flower blooms from June to October and attracts all kinds of bees, butterflies and other friendly insects.