10 cat beds your cat will love

Make your own cat bed: a cat lies in a cat bed made of wooden triangles that have been clipped together.
Discover 10 dream cat beds – purr-fect for catnaps

Of course we only want the very best for our furry friends. Get inspired by 10 lovely cat bed ideas which your cats are sure to love.

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Make your own cat bed: wooden tent

A cat lies in a DIY cat bed made of wood, with a built-in scratch area.
Simple and practical: a DIY cat bed made of wood with an integrated scratching surface. © www.muyingenioso.com

This Scandinavian-style dual-purpose cat bed, featuring light-coloured wood and straight lines, looks great and is ideal for when your kitty wants to take a nap or sharpen its claws. Instructions on how to make the cat bed/scratch mat combo can be found on the Muyingenioso blog .

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Make a kitty camper for your cat

A cat lies in a DIY cat bed that looks like a little camper van.
Here's a cool cat bed made with simple materials: a kitty camper made of cardboard. © www.cuteness.com/Trisha Sprouse

You wouldn't think that this cool camper van was made out of cardboard, would you? It's quite cool, as it's a well-known fact that cats feel most at home in cardboard boxes. Make your cat's day by building your own kitty camper .

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Kitty tepee

A cat lies in a DIY cat bed shaped like a tepee.
Very comfy: a kitty tepee. © www.dentelleetfleurs.com

Look, a kitty tepee! Your cat can dream of catching birds and mice in its own little tent, as well as playing hide and seek with you.

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Cat travel bed

A cat lies in a DIY cat bed made from a blue suitcase and a large cushion.
This cat bed made from a suitcase is easy to make yourself. © www.welke.nl

With this DIY cat bed made from a suitcase, every day will be an adventure for your cat. Whether you're staying at home or travelling together, this old suitcase from the flea market with its trendy retro look will provide your cat with a comfy place to sleep.

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Milk, please!

A smart cat bed: a cat goes into a cardboard box that looks like a milk carton.
A milk carton for a cat bed – what could be better for a cat? © www.moissue.com

Cats love cardboard all the more if it's as cute as this milk carton. It's the perfect place for your cat to relax.

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Travel the world – in your flat

On the left of this picture, a cat lies on a cat bed in the shape of the White House while a woman strokes it. On the right, two white cats play on a miniature version of the Taj Mahal.
Deluxe cat beds: Let your cats sleep in famous buildings (made of cardboard). © www.petsplace.nl

Cat-friendly versions of famous buildings make great beds for your cat. In the cardboard buildings, your kitty can be the lord of the Taj Mahal, president of the White House or head of the Kremlin.

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Purr-fect geometry

Make your own cat bed: a cat lies in a cat bed made of wooden triangles that have been clipped together.
A different take on the cat carrier: you can make a comfortable cat bed out of wooden triangles that have been clipped together. © www.store.styletails.com

This wonderful geometric basket won't just become your cat's new favourite hangout, it will also make for a stylish addition to your home.

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A hanging basket for a cat bed

On the left of this picture, three cats lie on different levels of a hanging basket. On the right, a cat has made itself comfortable in a green hanging basket.
A hanging basket makes a great cat bed. © www.catstrapeze.us/www.plowhearth.com

A perfect place to hang out on a Sunday: while you put your feet up in a swing chair, your cat can put its paws up in its hanging basket.

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A DIY moon-shaped cat bed

A cat stands on a moon-shaped cat bed made of wood.
Make your own moon-shaped cat bed out of wood. © www.instructables.com

We love our cats to the moon and back. And this lovely moon-shaped cat bed is the ideal place for your cat to relax in.

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A simple hammock for your cat to sleep in

Make your own cat bed: two cats lie on little hammocks which are tied to the legs of coffee tables.
You can make this cat bed yourself relatively quickly: simply tie a cloth to some table legs. © www.homedesignboard.com/www.dierendokters.com

Cat hammocks are very easy to put up between table or chair legs, and give your cat its own space, while enabling it to stay close to you.